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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

It’s somehow the last day of July. Mars is closer than it’s been in 15 years, and just when we thought we were the only ones to watch too much Shark Week … these three got caught stealing a shark in a stroller. It’s Tuesday which means it’s a perfect time for tacos and The Sip, the bi-weekly newsletter brought to you by the team at MilSpouseFest.

What’s better than Sipping alone?  Sipping with friends, invite your’s to join us.


Meme of the week from our friends at Army Wife 101:









Throw Back

On today’s date in 1928, the iconic MGM lion, Leo, roared for the very first time in MGM’s first talking picture, White Shadows on the South Seas. Grabbing our popcorn and heading to the movies. Or sitting on the couch after the kids go to bed. Samesies.


Need to Know

The Carr Wildfire in California has been burning for a week now and is so hot it has created its own weather system. At only 23% contained, the brutal blaze has already claimed the lives of at least six people and has devastated nearly 104,000 acres. To put it into perspective, the total scorched region is bigger than the size of Denver. Here’s what the military is doing to help.

Two weeks ago, the Department of Defense announced a pretty substantive change to the transfer eligibility of the GI Bill, to go into effect next year. Yesterday, a bi-partisan group of 83 House lawmakers said, “Nope.” It’s so nice when folks from both sides of the party aisles can agree we’re getting hosed.

Former President Obama and his VP Joe Biden took their bromance to one of our favorite places yesterday, when the pair visited Dog Tag Bakery in Georgetown. Dog Tag Bakery runs a fellowship program for veterans, milspouses and military caregivers. The 8th class of fellows happened to be in the bakery yesterday, and both Obama and Biden spent time hearing each of the 13 members’ business plans. Learn more about Dog Tag Bakery and how they’re #bakingadifference, here.

Speaking of dogs, because we love you and want you to be happy, here’s a picture of a military working dog wearing Doggles (Dog goggles. COME ON!).


Reading While We Sip

We love this piece from Her View From Home about the best vacation she can give her kids. Spoiler alert: Grandma always trumps a princess castle.

Love a good bargain? This spouse certainly does, and why might surprise you.

And finally, here’s what we’re making for dinner tonight (and probably tomorrow), from Strength4Spouses.


Watching While We Sip

An F-16 pilot used a cockpit camera during an air show and the footage is pretty spectacular. If you find yourself beatboxing the opening notes from Top Gun’s Danger Zone, just know you’re not alone.


Sip Tip (Sponsored Content)

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Sip Tip #5: Save your money to treat yo’self once you’re done with classes by buying your books used, online, and then sell them back. Entrepreneurship at its finest.

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