How to Travel with Kids for the Holidays … And Not Lose Your Mind

How to Travel with Kids for the Holidays ... And Not Lose Your Mind

What’s the longest trip you’ve taken as a family? Whether you drive or fly, bring the pets or leave them at home, and no matter the age of your kids, traveling is stressful. Even with no kids, traveling is stressful!

But with a little planning (and A LOT of snacks) you can help make the best of it. First of all, plan your route. If you’re driving, decide which way you’re going, how far you want to make it each day (if it’s longer than a day drive), and where you’ll stop and rest. If flying, consider where to park, how to pack, and if you have littles, your mode of indoor transportation. (Stroller, baby carrier, etc.)

Planning is your best friend in this scenario. Sure you COULD “figure it out as you go,” but that means flying by the seat of your pants with your entire family in tow. Don’t risk it, come prepared and ready to take on the day.

Check Pinterest or other websites for tips on how to travel with your mode of transportation and kids’ ages. The more knowledge you come in with, the smoother the day can go. You can also check with your airline or hotel stops and ask what amenities they have for young travelers.

You should also wear your big kid pants. Know it’s going to be wild going in — don’t let the small stuff bother you. Once you reach your destination you can relax. But until then, anything and everything could come your way.

Traveling for the holidays is a regular occurrence for military families, however, plan your day early on to help keep kids and travel steps in place.

What’s your favorite travel tip?