White House removes military family support page from official site (updated)

By J.G. Noll

(Updated Jan. 21 at 8:55 EST)

Shortly after President Donald Trump raised his right hand and took the Oath of Office, the Joining Forces page on WhiteHouse.gov went dark.

When Googled, the first link– which used to be the Obama administration’s official page– is now no longer part of the White House’s website and is, instead, housed at archives.gov. The URL, whitehouse.gov/joiningforces also redirects to the archived version. When using the search string “Joining Forces” on the official White House website, no hits appear that are related to the Joining Forces initiative.

Screenshot of WhiteHouse.gov, taken 1/20/2017.

Created in 2011 by former First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden, Joining Forces had the mission to work, advocate for, and raise awareness of the obstacles and difficulties military families face. The initiative has worked with private companies to put military-connected folks in careers, called on state legislatures to make license portability easier for military spouses, and expanded wellness services.

According to Military Times, Joining Forces had received “1.25 million hiring commitments for veterans and military spouses from its corporate partners. It also has helped broker legislation enabling spouses to transfer certifications across all 50 states.”  Other highlights included more than 100 colleges training future educators on the needs of military children, 35 communities committing to reducing veteran homelessness, and a campaign “to raise awareness for mental health issues affecting the military community.”

While Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton promised to keep the successful initiative, then-Republican nominee Trump was hesitant to state his support of the program. It will remain to be seen whether or not the new President will support the program — or something similar to it — in the future. However, right now, it seems that the future of the program is in jeopardy. The Trump administration’s issues include “Making Our Military Strong Again” with no mention of Joining Forces.

The Trump administration also deleted removed issues pages on civil rights, LGBT rights, health care, and climate change in the minutes following the official swearing-in ceremony.

UPDATE: The Obama White House-specific pages were not deleted but rather moved to an archives site that can be found here.
J.G. Noll is the Editor of Military One Click and a veteran’s spouse. She can be reached at [email protected]

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488 Replies to “White House removes military family support page from official site (updated)”

  1. Are you certain the Trump administration did all that? The democrat party have been obstructionists for months.The previous administration may have had some input on closing sites which they owned and operated. I recommend thorough research before laying blame.

    1. It’s a totally redesigned sight Kevin. It pushes all of Trumps policies. So yes, We’re certain it was Trump.

    2. Gail Anderson says:

      But HE CLAIMS HE IS ALL FOR OUR MILITARY AND OUR VETERANS. HE CAN’T TALK ABOUT A SINGLE SUBJECT WITHOUT LYING. he don’t care about our Vets for if he did he would have left that page the hell up/it was there to help the miliary veterans, He’ll be cutting them too just like he is going to do to everyone else.


    4. If the Veterans can’t get services quick enough through the VA due to back up then the Veterans should be able to see an outside private dr. This was already being suggested two years ago..not a Trump idea. I have a sort of friend who is on Veterans disability and has been for years. There is a back log in Iowa City and he was told to go see the private Dr. for an appointment, which the VA was going to set up and he threw a fit…so the. Eternal have to be willing to meet the VA half way since there are so many Vets.

    5. He can’t help himself!

    6. I would say that 90% isn’t enough. He’s a pathological liar. I won’t believe anything he says until it is proven true.

    7. Lynn..if the VA were funded appropriately, there would be no problem getting appointments, etc. The Republican congress put in place The Choice Program, and it has been a huge FAILURE. The constraints put in place on the program prevent Vets from getting care with these community vendors and ties the hands of those of us working at the VA who are there to serve them. Look it up..The Choice Program.

    8. Because it’s who he is

    9. He is a LIAR, that is why he lies.

    10. My husband was wounded during Vietnam. It took forever to see a Dr. He was finally diagnosed with cancer. His treatment was delayed. His cancer surgery was delayed. He didn’t receive Chemo after the surgery. And the Cancer came back less than a year later. The VA “Dr” saw him and told him by just blurting out that he had less than a year to live. He gave us s card as we walked out stunned. He wasn’t a Dr, not even a nurse, but a tech who’d had a class on oncology. We went private. He lived 4 more years, and passed 1 1/2 yrs ago. Oh how I wish the VA was privatized. If you don’t believe me take a trip to a VA Hospital. The one in LA will give you nightmares.

    11. Stop joining the military people if this is what it is all about. Get the hell out before it is to late for you if this is the case. Stop complaining and get out. I did after a little over thirteen years. It is your decision.

    12. Gretchen Flohr says:

      Wrong! He lies ALL of the time.

    13. Treva Tagger says:

      I am a Veteran Service Officer. I have spent the last week trying to help veterans get to the bottom of why they are receiving collection notices for private services the VA sent them out to receive. These are appointments set up for them by the VA. I have received 2 such notices myself. This has begun happening suddenly. What’s going on?


    15. Why don’t you wait to see what he’s going to do before you start complaining? He’s got a lot on his plate and he’s taking care of business as he said he would. He’s only been in office 4 days. It takes a while to get things done and so far so good. The vets will be taken care of. You’ll see.

    16. Trump said he didn’t like people who got captured he likes people that didn’t get captured?!?! Does that mean if your a POW he will not help you? When a soldier gave his purple heart to Trump he said I always wanted one of these …I got it the easy way then he laughed. It was a nice gesture on the soldiers part but Trump should never have taken a medal he didn’t earn. We don’t need a wall….we need to educate, feed and shelter our citizens. We need better health care where working people don’t pay such high premiums and high deductibles. These are just a few things the “Wall” money could do that would actually help the American People. I have always stood behind my president whether I voted for him or not. I have to say Trump is making this very difficult. It’s such a shame because if he fails we all fail. God Bless America!

    17. Why did so many people fall for his bull? I saw his lack of sincerity about his promises. I wish so many people had seen the same as I. Trump is a narcissistic pathological lier.

    18. New abbreviations for Trump: BLOTUS, abrev. Biggest Liar Of The United States.

    19. Me too his entire life has been a lie, and his wealth was made off the back of the poor working people that he never paid for their work, he is a terrible person. and at 70 he is not going to change he is just going to continue on the same path, stealing from anyone he can, and putting the country in danger because of all the countries he owes money , and the reason he filled his Court with bankers and hedge fund ceo’s is because he owes them all money, He really drained the swamp. God help us all.

    20. Denise Mauck says:

      I ask this question hourly.

    21. Allen I love it!!! #BLOTUS LMBO

    22. Oh yes he is…I am a 100% disabled veteran , survivor of esophageal, back of tongue and lymph node cancer….stage 4….I am so afraid of what he is gonna do to our rights and benefits! I pray for all our vets

    23. redheadgranny says:

      if he is a lier why has he already done more in 4 days when Obama couldn’t or wouldn’t do in 8 years, Trump gave a big raise to the military , he will get help and better care for our vets,
      He is doing what he said he would, stop baby killings, building the wall, stop using our tax money for non Americans,
      You people need to give him time, we did Obama but all he done was his last 4 days try to destroy us.

    24. And nyah, nyah, nyah, continue to resist and hate.

    25. quit trolling and prove it .

    26. trump will prove it.

    27. All he has to do is open his mouth. PROOF ENOUGH.

    28. Your the troll, point to where it isn’the Trump. There is plenty of examples of his continuous lies.

    29. Stella Ellingson says:

      He didn’t give the military a raise. He has done nothing but make executive orders that aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.

    30. Gene DeAmicis says:

      Donald Trump is a false prophet for the people. He knew exactly what he needed to do to get his ignorant base behind him. If he’s not stopped soon, there will be little if any benefits left for us veterans. Why can’t people see what this real estate con man for who he really is and his greedy plans for himself, at the expense of all of us!

    31. I keep asking the same things. I feel like am living in a parallel universe.

    32. Wayne Fenwick says:

      You sound surprised that a draft dodging, coward like Trump would also lie about supporting veterans.

    33. Where was your outrage when the cowardly, draft dodging, rapist, women molester Bill Clinton was elected?

    34. Your an idiot republicans are the only ones that would hurt our military !! When has trump NOT lied ?

    35. When has Obama not lied? When has Hillary not lied? Was the Benghazi attack caused by a youtube video? Could you keep your health insurance if you like your health insurance? Did the Affordable Healthcare Act lower your premiums or deductible? Give me a break!

    36. The problem is Obama and Clinton are not in office, are they ?? No, they are not. That is a tu quoque fallacy.

    37. To Lynn. All vets have the choice to choice out and see a non VA Dr. What a lot of vets don’t realize however, is many civilian drs are just as bad at seeing patients. There is as big of a need for drs outside the VA to be able to keep up with everyone as there is in the VA.

    38. Congress needs to improve funding for veteran’s services; lack of adequate funding goes back to Desert Storm.

    39. Lys, you are ignorant! Only 100% Permanent and Total Disabled Veterans like me are eligible to see an outside Doctor, but they have so many rules! You can’t go to a outside Doctor unless your scheduled appointment is over thirty day’s in the future, you also have to be 40 miles from a VA Hospital and if you’re not you have to go right back to the VA you are from but they can’t do the procedure you need! It’s just another circle jerk the VA plays! I don’t have the time to list every rule but Google, VA Choice Program, and learn something. About the any Veteran can see an Outside Doctor is true but you have to pay for it, the VA will not pay a penny on your bill!!!

    40. Robert Smith says:

      Trump lies. It’s what he does. That has been proven time and again, by independent sources.

    41. I think he will create a program much better!! Give the Presudent time to make necessary changes!!! Geez!!

    42. Of course he will. It will be much much bigly. Totally the best ever. It will he awesome. Trust DT. He knows more than the doctors. He would have been a doctor bur had bone spurs so he couldn’t go to medical school.

    43. #1: He is a pathological liar.
      But now to get to the VA.
      It depends on the region you are in. I left the Bay Pines Region because it had gone from great to bad, to horrendous, to needing to be closed. Taking already approved disabilities away from veterans, to not granting disabilities diagnosed by their own doctors. Leaving a patient dead in the shower for 9 hours then trying to cover it up. No diciplinary action taken until it was uncovered. (If you don’t believe me check the local congressman’s Facebook page. Congressman Gus Michael Bilirakis). Shredding and losing patient files. Can’t keep doctors, not because of low pay, but because in their dictatorial insurance adjuster mentality (save the company money, do not prescribe essential medications or order treatments necessary for patients health). The only government agency that doesn’t spend their entire budget and returns money to the treasury annually. Since moving to Ohio in the Cleveland Region things have improved greatly. There is still much room for improvement but it is still 100% better than many I’ve heard about.
      As for the Choice Program: I’ve used it once for eye surgery. Had no problems. I had my surgery at OSU Wexner medical center. I first saw the surgeon at the Columbus VA clinic but he was also at Wexner. I chose to stay with him because I liked him. I got on Choice in no time and had my surgery. And numerous followups without a hitch.
      But it scares the hell out of me to think what is ahead for the VA under Trump, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and the rest of the Trump regime.

    44. Why would the incoming President use the previous administration’s web site. I’m sure Trump will be putting up his own. He is a Huge supporter of the military.

    45. I just checked Politifact this is totally false.

    46. Why do you need to check anywhere. Just Google the site yourself.

    47. Please provide a link then.

    48. Susan Brummett says:

      google.com When the search page comes up, enter the name of the entity you are looking up. Let me know if you have any other questions. 😁

    49. Joseph Urbanowski says:

      I did it..”White House.com” -duh

    50. Link to the article. I just checked Politifact and I see no such article. The website has been archived. You can see that for yourself.

    51. The reason why the genius can’t find the article or the link is because he is typing in “Whitehouse.COM”! Idiot….it’s .GOV!!!! GEEZ these tRump voters are really not bright at all!

    52. Why would you go on Politifact when you can just go on the White House site? The logic of Conservatives..SMH

    53. lol Aaron…so true!

    54. lol not an “alternative fact” here

    55. CYNTHIA KUNKEL says:


    56. I expect you haven’t paid attention to Obama, Hillary, Nancy Pelosy, Harry Reid (the biggest obstructionist in history) and Frank and Dobbs. Some really big liars to the American people that brought us to people fed up with traditional government/

    57. How about learning proper grammar & spelling? You only make yourself look bad.
      Jeez…this is why I HATE politics. It brings out the absolute worst in people, no matter their political affiliation. Everybody here is bashing the Conservatives & saying how ignorant they are. Funny, but when Obama was elected, I don’t recall seeing any reports of Conservatives blocking traffic, destroying public (and private) property, hurting police officers, etc by throwing a temper tantrum because their candidate didn’t win the election. People are acting like a bunch of spoiled toddlers when Mommy or Daddy says it’s bedtime & they don’t want to go to sleep. Nope, the Conservatives, for the most part accepted the outcome and got on with their lives. Without disrupting traffic. Without burning limousines. Without putting police officers in the hospital for simply trying to do their jobs. Without acting like a bunch of spoiled brats. Trump has been in office exactly one week. It’s time to put on our big girl panties & give the guy a chance. The way I see it, career politicians haven’t done such a great job of leading our country lately, Maybe a non-career politician is just what we need now.

    58. whitehouse.gov NOT whitehouse.com hahahaha

    59. Thank you! Have been trying to find a place to reply to the person who stated, “whitehouse.com – duh”. Well, duh, that’s a PORN site….Yes, you want whitehouse.gov…have had to emphasize that to high school students for years! 😱😂

    60. CYNTHIA KUNKEL You are the one that is totally misguided. President Trump will do a wonderful job and get us out of this socialism that Obamma has been pushing for the last 8 years. And as far as LYING to the american people, the man that just left that office was a snake oil salesman! if you like your dr. you can keep your dr.,families will save 2500.00 a year etc. I for one am very glad he gone! And as far as how to run a country, what the heck do you think Obamma or any of them come in there with. Obamma new nothing about it, didn’t even know how to hold a real job for cripes sake. We all gave that fool a chance to ruin our country, which if did very well I might add, so how about all the bitchin stop and see how this one does. GOOD GRIEF GROW UP IT WAS JUST AN ELECTION. At least this one knows how to hold a job and produce jobs. Not just government hand out jobs that we have to pay for. UGH

    61. Koni ~ Did you go to school? If you did, did you happen to take spelling and grammar? You are the perfect example of the people who voted for trumpstiltskin!

    62. Voice of Reason says:

      JANE DOE: “at least this one knows how to hold a job and produce jobs.”?!!!!!?? Really?!?!! Trump’s jobs have been his own businesses and he either files for bankruptcy or uses them to cheat people and then files for bankruptcy. And as far for his producing jobs, if you are talking about the people that he hires and then don’t pay them, then yes he knows how to “produce” jobs.

    63. Not false. Googled it and the page has been archived and will not be updated and links may or may not work.

    64. Sources please, politifact comes up with zilch…

    65. link? Sources?

    66. Give us a break. Somebody fed you the Koolaid. Obstruction came from your side, although you will never believe it. Just follow Kellyanne and you will have all the faux news you need.

    67. Nancy Blankensopp says:

      Many of the sights are being revisited before changes are made permanent or deleted. Trump has only had a day to try to see policies and procedures lets give him a chance. I am saying this from information received on mortgages. FHA mortgage insurance was about to change but is now on hold until the policy is reviewed.

    68. tRump rescinded the executive order on FHA loan PMI.PMI is primary mortgage insurance, Obama has issued an order to limit PMI to $800- $900 a year. That would make buying a house more affordable for more people. Hair tRump believes his friends need more money

    69. No he didn’t !! He has no control over that!! Buy a house and see your insurance rates triple !!! You’ve already lost your health insurance you just don’t know it yet !!! Oh that means ACA will be gone !!

    70. why give Drumpf a chance ? The GOP & Tea Party never did with Obama – from day one .. so Drumpf gets the same treatment … #notmypresident

    71. So much for going high when they go low.

    72. julianne clerget! says:

      Nor mine. Kellyanne lies like Trump!

    73. Nancy,
      You design sites before you go live with them… at least that is how it’s done in any company or government agency I’ve consulted for/with. Getting it correct from day one is vital for any new administration (public/private)he or one of his “staff” gave a directive, if this story is true… Trumps people have been working on this since he won; it was all kicked into high gear (or should have been)…

    74. stobrod thewes says:

      Who is this we’re that you mentioned?

    75. Come on man!

    76. dawn appelberg says:

      of course it is redesigned. EVERY NEW PRESIDENT GETS A NEW SITE. good lord people.

    77. Actually Moro he gets a page but trump has turned it into HIS site I’m surprised it wasn’t changed to trumpswhitehouse.gov ! It has nothing on it about the countries business only a photoshopped/ doctored video of the inauguration which was fake maybe 250k AT BEST !!!

    78. I believe one site you may be looking for is obamawhitehouse.gov. Yes that is an actual website.

    79. So the government site shows policies for the newly sworn in president? Did the site change after Obama became president, or did he leave it how the Bush administration had it?

    80. It’s standard practice. When there’s a new administration coming in, the old administration site gets archived leaving a blank site for the new administration to post on. Every new administration did it. You should do some research before you write a blog full of inaccuracies and call it news.

    81. So what, its a new day, Change 22,nothing to see here, move along.

    82. might be payback to the vets that supported the Natives in Dakota.

    83. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and websites are not redesigned in a day. Before you throw the entire administration under the bus, you need to practice some patience. Revamping a website takes a lot of time and planning, often deactivating pages while you build others so that you can reestablish links. Its no different to remodeling a house…sometimes you have to temporarily take things out while you build other things. Nice attempt, though, at trying to make the new administration look “anti-military, anti-family, and anti-American”.

    84. Kevin are you freakin kidding me? Why would Obama or any Dem delete these policies that they were very proud of from the website? That doesn’t even make sense. You Trumpflakes are just downright delusional!

    85. Yea because there exists no butthurt in loserville

    86. Does this place, loserville, have a zip code? I would be interested in getting some direct first person feed back.

    87. Obama isn’t quite as petty as you or Donald Trump. He actually spent time and effort on that.

      Trump had the whole site redone and pushed today at noon. Obama didn’t have control anymore.

    88. yes he did. you whiners just can’t get over killary losing.

    89. Very eloquently stated….

    90. Rump is a bold face liar. He’s lying to the American people, there are plenty of videos of him saying one thing, then changing it to another. I am desperately worried for our country. If you can’t see that he lies, you’re just being willfully blind.

    91. Lmao….. I’m pretty sure he’s 12.

    92. Yes, we liberals are ripping apart our own pet policies out of spite. It couldn’t be that the pages with these policies were removed because they are not considered important by the Trump administration. Ignorant trolls are stupid.

    93. julianne clerget! says:

      Apparently not as,stupid as Trump

    94. The entire planet is united in its disgust for this shell of a human. Look at the global protests. This is not about winning and losing as if the role of a president is a video game. People are concerned about the erosion of basic rights. The article leading this discussion demonstrates that the policies being enacted are already concerned with the wealthy corporatist rather than Americans as a whole. Stop being caught up in the concept if winning/losing and pay attention to what is happening.

    95. Diedra obviously it’s not the entire planet that is in disgust because he did win the election to become President!!! Think before you speak or write, please this is a basic skill taught to children.

    96. Kellie, you just can’t seem to understand that the Democrats won the popular vote by almost 3 million votes. So please, do what you said – “Think before you speak or write, please this is a basic skill taught to children.” (Apparently, those skills didn’t include punctuation in your class, though. It should be, “Think before you speak or write. Please, this is a basic skill taught to children.” You’re welcome.)

    97. Proudly Deplorable says:

      Yolanda- Is there some kind of a prize for winning the popular vote?

    98. Check the Word of God!!!!!! Proof enough…..it is written now is the time America will fall it so happen BLOTUS is the face of America!!!! He has his own personal agenda. In four years let’s get out and make sure he doesn’t repeat. I personally think he will quit in 2/3 years. Unlike Obama, BLOTUS has the backing of congress he could look like a great 8 man and get important bills past…..NOT!!! A selfish man with no political experience!
      Good Bless America and President BLOTUS

    99. Iris Solomon says:

      You are correct, Deidra. Why couldn’t more people have seen what this man is all about?? He is the most despicable human being. He has the makings of a dictator, and a
      plan to enrich himself and his family and doesn’t care how many people he runs down and destroys in the process. The man is not intellectually fit for the Presidency. His attention span is that of a fly. We are in big trouble!!

    100. Kellie..
      hold your breathe on that… Deidra is right.. majority of the world is united… Trump is so busy now trying to find out without any evidence voter fraud … which most say is stupid including many in his own party… big waste of time but his ego has to think he won the pop vote…

      to me I think its just a big DISTRACTION AWAY FROM INVESTIGATING HIS TIES TO THE RUSSIAN HACKING and how he was involved

      sorry for the caps.. I’m so pissed this guy is playing mind games with Americans … like we’re stupid… all McCarthyism or neo Nazi ism

    101. Right on point!

    102. I love it. All Kevin did was ask a question and now the name calling begins.
      His question was valid based on the not so smoothe transition.

    103. jim g, this is why ppl name call him and you and others. just open your fucking eyes. thanks fam

    104. “All Kevin did was ask a question..” Sorta like “Are you sure the moon isn’t made of green cheese? Have you actually been there??”

    105. Because they owned the web link from that page and the information that was on them. If people would just not have a knee jerk reaction to everything political we might get something accomplished.

    106. Tito Valenzuela says:

      People who voted for trump are just like him. In order to have voted for trump a person would have to be OK with the way he treats Women,Vets, Minorities, they are delusional as well as acceptable as how trump is.. Until it affects them directly they won’t care who he hurts. And even then they will not believe that trump would do such a thing what ever it is.. When they come knocking at my door for help because they have lost everything because of trumps policies.. I’m sorry I won’t answer the door..

    107. G. Gordon Liddy says:

      And… All Hispanics are murderers and rapists. You see how generalizations work. Google it.

    108. By then will your door even be in the United States of America? Probably and hopefully NOT!!

    109. Why do you all have to be mean and spiteful? Seriously? Is it because you are separated by screens and forgot that it’s another person, with thought, feelings, and kindness, just like you? Does screaming into the void of the Internet help you process this scary world easier?

    110. Obama hurt a lot of people and your lack of compassion is no surprise.

    111. How he treats women…are you talking about Bill Clinton? Or maybe Kennedy?

    112. Pam is single. Someone grab her pussy!

    113. Pam
      why is it that when you people are confronted with what a pig Trump is .. its like you all stroke out and point the finger at past presidents.. when is it that you wake up and see his grotesqueness?.. Bill Clinton… admitted after he left office.. even got help,… and poor Pres Ken… can’t defend himself… why keep up defending him???? I as a woman.. and NOT A FEMINIST.. don’t get it… really … I don’t

    114. I don’t think Trump is representing anyone who voted for him. He certainly isn’t representing me. That is clear.
      He gets offended when the media calls him on his lies, or poor/in appropriate decisions.
      We dislike him for what he is doing, not for who he is.
      Obama, on the other hand wasn’t liked, and he proved himself to be a great President, but then, again, Obama won the people’s votes as well as the electoral votes. That really pisses Trump off.

    115. Trump & his morons did it

    116. Yes, because that’s what I think of when I think of Democrats…obstructionists. Give me a break. Get your head out of your ass. The air you breathe seems to be your own rancid gas.

    117. You are delusional. Republicans perfected obstructionism to an art form. Get your head out of your ass and read a credible news source sometime.

    118. Obviously your are a butthole sucking Trump Republican. Maybe you should take your nose out of his ass and clear your defunct mind. I hear he enjoys being pissed on. Maybe you can join your Nazi leader as he destroys America.

    119. You r like Donald so gross i want to puke. Disgrace to the world

    120. Mike Browne says:

      Steve: I see you’re as vulgar as you are misinformed. Senator McConnell vowed that no Obama-backed legislation would pass the Republican controlled Senate. Paul Ryan made similar noises about the House. There, sir, are your obstructionists. and the rancid gas you smell is self-generated.

    121. Actually I think that was Steve’s point.

    122. Carlton McLemore says:

      Everyone who responded to Steve is a dumbass, except for you. I don’t care if they are on my side politically. Comprehension skills of monkeys.

    123. Douglas Murphy says:

      No, I think they’re jus too scared and angry to think things through. I agree, Steve’s comment was the reverse of how it was taken. Republicans have been obstructionist from the first day of President Obama’s first term.

    124. Heidi Reid-Champigny says:

      You are an intelligent, articulate class act Michael Browne.

    125. Sandy Vaillancourt says:

      Democrats have been obstructionist for decades. Look up how many more times the government was “shut down” when the left led Congress. How about Harry Reid’s “dead on arrival” comments referring to bills passed by the house after his party lost power in it. Check your history and you will see the left has blocked more legislation than the right ever has. Furthermore, the left will use courts to get agendas through and historically has abused the courts in that manner.
      The Republican congress on the other hand was trying to do what their constituencies put them in there to do, especially in the wake of the way obamacare was passed with absolutely no debate on the Senate and then speaker Pelosi literally saying “we have to pass it before you can see what’s in it.”
      So tell me Mike, why is it obstruction for the right to do what their constituents expected, but not obstruction when the left idealogs rams through legislation a clear majority never wanted?
      Or is this yet again more hypocrisy that we have cone to expect from the left?

    126. Robert Chrisman says:

      Republicans openly stated they would oppose everything Obama wanted. That even included things they were on record as also wanting. And they demonstrated willingness to harm the country if it would harm Obama. I would suggest that whatever obstruction there was by Democrats was based on the merit of the proposed law, not on harming the sitting president. That is a fundamental diff.

    127. No debate? Seriously, that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day. No debate. SMDH.

    128. Your logic is faulty. If a group “has control” they do not need to obstruct legislation or budget bills. Obstruction is the last resort of the minority party. From 2013 through 2016 the right has obstructed budget bills because they couldn’t get the Affordable Care Act repealed and they opposed its funding in the bills. This caused sequestration.

    129. Reply to Sandy
      Both sides are crooks. Behind closed doors they laugh, drink and count our money. As the gr8 Michael Jackson sings ” All I really know is that they don’t really care about us” I never trusted any of them. Daddy Bush, William Clinton, Baby Bush, Brutha Obama….so y not give BLOTUS(biggest liar of the United States) a run at it…..I believe at the end of his reign we will find something else we don’t like. Our gr8 government was founded on corruption do u really think it will change now….I love this country and I’ve learned to take care of my family and be thankful for what I have….the government will b what it is. Just like the church the government is big business!!!!

    130. Sandy whatever point you make is invalid… Republicans (except for Regan) have been total failures.. The republican party will die out after Trump because I am sure he is a trainwreck.

      In all fairness.. Pres Clinton was a disaster because of the women issues.. however he took us from a deficit to a surplus and there were a zillion jobs and no war. Theres even a video online somewhere, where Trump is praising the Clintons and stating pretty much what I just did… the guy is a flip flopper

    131. So angry…Your point is lost because of the emotion

    132. What I DONT get is your lack of ability to debate any points without resorting to name calling and trite phrases we have ALL heard hundreds of times now, as much as you guys LOVE to say “butthurt” or “libtard” it just doesn’t have that “zing” it once did.

      The best way to concede a point so we can go on with the debate is just simply to do it and move on. I promise we won’t gloat. Or hold it over your head. It’s ok to say that taking down that stuff is a pretty big fuck up with no real good explanation, even if it was just a strangely coincidental hole in the system over multiple places today.

      So next step is what are we all, and that includes you, Steve, you are in with everyone too.,. Going to DO about it?

    133. Well said and yes I’m a Trump supporter. No president has ever been flawless and not pissed some one off. I support him but not everything he may do. I’m sure alot of Democrats didn’t agree with Obama pardoned 350 Crack dealers.

    134. Robert Chrisman says:

      The USA has 4% of the world population and 25% of the people in prison. Do we have that many more criminals than anybody else? When I retired from the Navy in 1986, I worked for my state prison, teaching in a computer repair school. Besides getting well acquainted with many inmates, I developed friendships / working relationships with dozens of staff people. The warden and guards were almost unanimous that all the inmates should be locked up forever. But, the criminologists, inmate case workers, and PhD clinical psychologists had a more nuanced view. (These are people who believe in locking up law-breakers for serious offenses.) It came to an opinion that 10% of the men in that prison were innocent – did NOT do the crime. 50% were technically guilty, but should have received no time, or time measured in days instead of the years they got. 20% were in the category of too many years – 5 years instead of 50 would have been appropriate. 10% got the sentence they deserved. The final 10% should never be released, but will be (there were no inmates at that prison doing life without parole). . . Our prisons are literally an industry. The guards union contributes heavily to politicians. So do the private for-profit prisons. The result is tough-on-crime and tough sentencing laws. . .I do not know any details of any of the cases Obama pardoned, except that they were non-violent. Were they all for crack? All for dealing? Dealing can be misleading – a man might buy coke for himself, then sell half of it to his cousin, not for profit, and be charged with dealing. No, I don’t want a bunch of REAL drug dealers released. Hate Obama all you like – he has no reason to knowingly release dangerous people. (Keeping a man locked up too long can make him dangerous, when he would not otherwise have been.)

    135. I’m not sure that Former President Obama pardoned “350 crack dealers” but if he did it was likely justified. There have historical been disparities in the length of the sentences for people who sell crack and people who sell powder cocaine. The sentences for people who sell crack are usually more harsh, particularly because crack is more popular than powder cocaine in lower income areas. And while I do not advocate the sale of any kind of drugs, I do think that the penalties for selling drugs should be equal across all socioeconomic groups.

    136. absolutely right. Leftists hate losing. can you tell?

    137. Who likes losing? No one. But we’re over it. We got it. We’re Americans. And, as is our constitional right, we are going to call out the President and the Republican congress every time they do something that threatens the safety and well-being of our families and YOURS! This election is over – but we have another in 2018. And Donald Trump was accurate in his inauguration speech, he has certainly given the power back to the people, but perhaps the people he had intended it for.

    138. Judith Kelly says:

      Hahahahahaha. Keep drinking the kool aide.

    139. kendal

      we aren’t as simple minded as you… if you aren’t watching the news .. he is taking away first right amendments…and we are headed for a cataclismic war… things that concern adults… not a 5th grade comment you and those like you keep making… so childish .. grow up… the world is heading for chaos with this insecure thing you call President….

    140. The only policy the Republicans had during the last 8 years was to be THE OBSTRUCTIONIST party. Why they even obstructed their own legislation if Obama approved it. Those are just the facts.

    141. Yes that is true the Republicans did bloke at lot off Obama’s stuff. I’m glad they did I did not agree with most of what Obama put out there.

    142. Obstructionists? Who stood up and wasted the tax payers time and money as he read Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham? Guess what Steve the air we breathe is the same air you breathe or not because you are on another planet! Keep drinking The “KOOK AID”!

    143. Wha wha WHAT?!? Pull you’re head out.

    144. The word is “your.”
      You’re is a contraction of “you are.”

      You’re welcome.

    145. Hahaha Excellent Mary. Obviously one of the educationally challenged followers of Trump.

    146. witsotherend says:

      January 21, 2017 at 12:36 AM

      Obviously your are a butthole sucking Trump Republican.
      She might have corrected you also. And “butthole” is two words, “butt hole”!

    147. G. Gordon Liddy says:

      Aww… How cute. You’re a grammar nazi. The grammar nazi is always the one that’s least educated.

    148. Whitey Joe Young says:

      Liddy, you can say that, but that does not make it true. Besides, the basic point here is the people with the worst grammar, spelling, and use of the English language all seem to be the Trumpanzees. Let’s do a statistical analysis of the comments and let’s then see where it falls?
      I recall someone responding to criticism of a racist comment by saying the same kind of thing. “Oh, look a white person calling another white person racist. So cool.” No, not cool, and that’s the point. You don’t have to be a grammar nazi to pick out the most ignorant and poorly educated people in THIS crowd. And, as I said, they tend to be supporting the Cheetos Man in the soon-to-be-orange House.

    149. Kevin, wake up. ffs.

    150. I second your motion, Trip.

    151. I third it

    152. Why does there need to be such vicious name calling and hate. The page is gone, archived as is the LGBT page. Why not create NEW pages in honor of President Obama and his legacy???? There are NO SIDES we are all Americans NO MATTER WHO THE POTUS is. I HATED the idea of Bush, and was upset when he took office but didn’t name call or point fingers. I just dug in and hoped, same as I am doing now. This man is not MY President but he is THE President and I must respect that.


    154. I agree Brenda.

    155. I couldn’t agree more, Brenda.

    156. Right on point Brenda!!

    157. Thank you Brenda. Nicely expressed.

    158. What a great response Steve. Just like Pumpkin head using name calling to communicate shows your lack of education.

    159. I agree brenda

    160. Well written and spot on. I’m thinking that the page might have been taken down because it was designed by two women? Obviously this is irrational but that ties in with Trumps psyche.

    161. Absolutely!

    162. Heidi Reid-Champigny says:

      Well said.

    163. Brenda the true obstructionist are the Democrats. When the Civil Rights were to be voted on the Democrats held the longest filibuster.

    164. Obstructionist When the Democrats held a filibuster to block the Civil Rights Amendment

    165. G. Gordon Liddy says:

      All caps! Using all caps is a sign of mental illness.

    166. Uzi g all caps can be a “sign” of many things: a malfunctioning jeyboard; arthritis which makes constantly shifting difficult or ignorance of the etiquette for techno speak. ( NOTE: ignorance is lack of knowledge, not lack of mental capacity.)

    167. G Gordon Liddy
      using a common stupid tired default response you trumpers use is so boring and a lack of intelligence..

    168. You do not have to respect Trump because he is the president. Respect is always earned.

    169. Liz give him a chance to earn respect it takes more than a day. Wait till then you will real be pissed.
      An I will real be Happy Happy Happy

    170. Junior G
      you will be radiated off the face of the planet.. and in heaven you will be pissed too..
      if starting ww3 would make you happy… you are crazy crazy crazy

    171. Like Melanie’s and Ivanka’s products for sale?? Right!

    172. Thank you Ellen. If the sites are now gone. Will they be back up? Quit with the name calling, Seriously, how old are you people?? Will these be going back up or are they gone for good? That’s the question people want to find out.

    173. linda merrill says:

      Kevin, really, now. You cannot believe with any sincerity that Obama would have anything to do with scrapping any of the programs that he and his Administration have worked 8 years to build. This is Trump, all Trump and his cronies. Be careful what you ask for; you just might get it. In fact, you’ve got it.

    174. The regrets are going to multiply soon.
      When hes raped looted and pillaged and seniors are living on streets and disabled are dying in droves, unemployment skyrocketing. You will believe then

    175. Sara Houston says:

      I honestly think there’ll be a civil war before Americans let it get that bad. Look at the number just in Washington for the protests. Many Women. Not to mention all the other cities. I’ve already heard talk of “civil war” if things get too tough. People saying they will March on Washington and throw all of Congress out and hold new elections! And some were saying throw just republicans out. Scary. And I pray NOT NECESSARY! But from the turnout at all the protests domestic AND foreign I think Trump and the republicans may have a problem.

    176. Heidi Reid-Champigny says:

      Worldwide opposition says they have a problem. Unfortunately everyone ultimately pays the price.

    177. Whitey Joe Young says:

      I think you’re right. Let’s hope we can get an impeachment and just go back to the usual Republican’t shenanigans. They don’t rape and pillage…. much. Just enough to make sure their corporate masters are well-served. We can see that coming. What’s in the mind of the Orange One, no one can foresee, and that scares the scheiss outta me!

    178. witsotherend says:

      It is a Michelle and Jill project. Not Baracks’.

    179. Carlton Shardley says:

      Putin’s poodle should be opposed, obstructed, and removed from office by any effective means. Unprecedented traitor.

    180. Janis Toruno says:

      Please don’t disparage poodles! They’re much too nice to be mentioned with Trump in the same breath!

    181. Brian Coady says:

      This projection or even deliberately accusing the democrats of things you about which you are guilty (see also Goebbels) is getting a bit old and we can see through it.

    182. oh whatever gets you through the day if you suggest this ridiculous thing. Why would they delete a page that has meant to much to so many of our Military families. And obstructionists? Kevin, I think its time to put that kool-aid down, he won (courtesy of his Brethren in Russia) & folks like you who bought into all the rhetoric. Let me know how its going after he breaks all the promises made, makes all his billionaire buddies richer with great tax breaks on the backs of the middle class, wall street greed machines laughing all the way to the bank, and lined that filthy swamp in gold.

    183. Kevin, I recommend you pull your head out of the dark place it is right now. To lay blame on Democrats for obstruction is like, like………., I can’t even think of a comparison! Why on earth would Dems remove all the web pages that went away today?? Don’t you people get tired of making excuses or trying to explain what trump says and does??

    184. Democrats are obstructionist They Filibustered the Civil Rights Amendment

    185. Rogelio Esparza says:

      Total horse shit.
      Stop posting crap about which you know nothing, imbecile.

    186. Whitey Joe Young says:

      You’re talking the 13th 14th and 15th amendments? During the civil war? Irrelevant now, pal! The Republicans of Lincoln are not the Republicans of Bush, McConnell, and Gingrich. And the Southern Democrats of that day have finally come around as well. Ancient history does not serve well when current events are being discussed. Grasping at straws, cuz that’s all ya got?

    187. “The democrat party have been obstructionists for months.”

      According to whom? The Republican Party has stated on record they have no desire to pull a Ted Cruz.

    188. Ugh, Democrat party.

    189. Kevin — It is the Democratic Party — not your to rename.

    190. As a vet, I would never, never would have a nerve to snatch a purple heart from a hero vet. Trump did that in his campaign trail and he never served in his entire stinking life. He never mentioned vets because he is not thinking of us. More money and white skin are not all we should ask from a dude who is taking the white house

    191. What a lie he was given it from a vet who wanted him to have it. Trump even said he could give him a fake one and keep his own real one. But it meant a lot to the vet that Trump have HIS real one. And it was HIS to give to whom ever he chooses. Trump never snatched it from him. They talked before it was done on camera get your story straight.

    192. The question for you is: why does Trump hate America so much?

    193. Kevin, are you kidding me?? Why don’t you take a little of your time, and go to the website and verify. It only takes a couple of minutes.
      This is the problem with society today, too much false information out there, and stupid people falling for it, or they just don’t care, and believe, what they want to believe. So Sad.
      And you keep blaming the Democrat party for obstruction, you got to be kidding me, let me see, what have the republicans been doing for the last 8 years?? 8 YEARS.
      Now you’re crying wolf. Good luck with your President, trust me we’re going need it.
      Let me know 4 years from now….or after he gets impeache when the real truth come out.
      Your President not mine.
      USMC Alumni.

    194. Gabriel The Republican has been doing just what I Voted for Them to do. Stop Obama’s Socialist agenda

    195. Whitey Joe Young says:

      Oooh, the scary S word. Please, let the grownups talk, ok?

    196. Yeah, they probably did it at the same time that they were putting news on about Melania’s jewelry website. Sorry, I know a lot of his supporters really do have their heads in the sand. Need to stay in touch with reality. I have a feeling that middle and low income classes are in for a rude awakening.

    197. No it wasn’t trump. it was set up by Obama. another problem he made for President Trump. (Boy, that sounds good). Obama has been doing this crap as much as he can in the last month or so. It’s just another liberal advertisement against the republicans and the president trying to make us dislike him. It just makes us dislike the liberals and democrats more. showing us what they are really like.

    198. Pence and Trump have both commended the Obama administration for its help with the transition and how smooth it has been. Listen to your own leaders. Can’t believe what they are saying???

    199. kendal Right On Right On Right On

    200. Trump has populated the official White House site with policies important to him. And has had all other content removed. Obama cannot control what Trump does or does not want on the official government website. Cannot believe people are actually blaming Obama for what Trump has (or has not) put on his own website. Actually, come to think about it, I can believe Republicans would blame Obama for this. Lol. Republicans have blamed Obama for everything, whether true or not, for at least the past eight years. Why stop blaming Obama now, especially if blaming Obama for Trump’s actions somehow makes Trump look better. Lol.

    201. Whitey Joe Young says:

      “…trying to make us dislike him…”
      If you haven’t already been revolted by this pussy-grabbing disgusting disabled-mocking liar of a sack of ****, you are beyond being reached.

    202. I agree with you Kevin and Obammba also let all the very bad eggs out of the basket when he released all the people from prisons and jails in all 50 states!

    203. Whitey Joe Young says:

      Obammba? Seriously, you are commenting and you cannot even get the former President’s name right? You know so much about him and you can’t get that much right? Wow. Unbelievable. Trumpanzees everywhere. Not a good situation.

    204. The democrats have been obstructionist? Are you serious? What a ridiculous comment.

    205. The Democrats are the ones why Filibuster The Civil Rights Amendment.

    206. Junior, trump totally ignores the Civil Rights Amendment!

    207. Whitey Joe Young says:

      You keep repeating that idiocy from 1860’s. Not relevant now. Not even close.

    208. Exactly !!!

    209. Marisa Olin says:

      Did you read the article??? It was an initiative by Michelle Obama. Hello!!!

    210. Douglas Murphy says:

      The Joining Forces section, along with references to LGBT, health care, and climate change have, indeed, been stripped from whitehouse.gov. To say that this was done by anyone from the prior administration or opposite party is, I’m afraid, quite absurd. This was a specific project of both the First Lady and Jill Biden. The new administration is the sole mover behind the website changes. For better or worse, they own it all now. And, so do we.

    211. dammit, Kevin!! I hate to admit it, but your comment has merit and I seriously have to consider this now. I wanted to jump straight to Trump, as well, but this must be considered. thank you for giving those of us willing to consider this something to think about.

    212. Cheri. It is good to see a clear head of one who stops to think

    213. Obstructionists?? I recommend you stop reading fake news sites.

    214. Daniel A Radley says:

      How could the minority party obstruct anything? Obstructionist Republicans for the last eight year have done everything in their power to keep America from moving forward. You are awfully confused, though I’m not surprised that sheep like you believe that kind of idiocy.

    215. Whitey Joe Young says:

      Trumpanzees. Trumpanzees everywhere!

    216. You must have some excellent mind altering drugs. Please do share because you are obviously oblivious to reality.

    217. If I remember correctly there was a lot of people against Obama being President..the difference now is we have a successful business man in the White House and not a disrespectful politician….GIVE TRUMP TIME to work with his staff to fix the website…He has showed and told how much the military mean to him ..don’t count him out !! He salutes and thanks all our military..He has showed respect by putting his hand on his chest during our anthem…He has showed appreciation to the men and women who protect us and him…our police officers…i have lost a friend that died on duty as a police officer trying to capture a wanted criminal…that criminal took the life of a good young man..who was loved and respected…We had Obama for 8 years during that time ISIS attacks increased…racial issues between blacks and whites increased…violence between blacks increased….Obama didn’t call mayors or governors after attacks to their citizens ..he played golf…during the election Donald Trump and Mike Pence contacted the Great Smoky Mountains officials after the deadly fire…NO RESPONSE from OBAMA …I am going to respect and support our President…I will not agree with everything he says or does but I feel more hopeful for the USA ..

    218. Trump has been disrespectful from the get go!

    219. Whitey Joe Young says:

      “… not a disrespectful politician…”
      WHAAAAA? OMG another Trumpanzee

    220. hello DEB… ok i think I have given him enough of a chance… he has gag ordered the EPA, and USDA. no first amendment rights there.. had the FBI raid the center for disease control CDC stating it was for immunizations that cause autism… ? These are government departments.. why raid or gag order them and shut them down?? Abuse of power. What terrifies me the most? Saying he will move the Isreali embassy which will be and act of war that I don’t even want to think of the consequences… He is acting so mentally unstable.. gets no sleep, and is manically signing executive orders without even giving any thought to them… worst is saying that he can force a soldier to violate laws and commit war crimes. Our poor men have already been through enough!! Many already have ptsd… put them through torture practices??? and just speak of it so matter of factly.. how demonic can he get?

    221. The Democrats Obstructionists Youŕe a funny guy. Didn Mitch McConnell block a lot of what Obama did?

    222. Rogelio Esparza says:

      You are a special kind of asshole.

    223. Rogelio Esparza says:

      Kevin, You have your head so far up trump’s ass, all you can see is shit, so STFU!

    224. I listened as you called my President a Muslim.
      I listened as you called him and his family a pack of monkeys.
      I listened as you said he wasn’t born here.
      I watched as you blocked every single path to progress that you could.
      I saw the pictures you made of him as Hitler.
      I watched you shut down the government and hurt the entire nation, twice.
      I watched you turn your backs on every opportunity to open a worthwhile dialog.
      I watched you say that you would not even listen to any choice for Supreme Court no matter who the nominee was.
      I listened as you openly said that you will oppose him at every turn.
      I watched as you did just that.
      I listened.
      I watched.
      I paid attention.
      Now, I’m being called on to be tolerant.
      To move forward.
      To denounce protesters.
      To “Get over it.”
      To accept this…
      I will not.
      I will do my part to make sure, this great American mistake, becomes the embarrassing footnote of our history that it deserves to be.
      I will do this as quickly as possible, every chance I get.
      I will do my part to limit the damage that this man can do to my country.
      I will watch his every move and point out every single mistake and misdeed in a loud and proud voice.
      I will let you know in a loud voice every time this man backs away from a promise he made to you.
      The people who voted for him. Yes you, the ones who sold their souls and prayed for him to win.
      I will do this so that you never forget.
      And you will hear me.
      You will see it in my eyes when I look at you.
      You will hear it in my voice when I talk to you.
      You will know that I know who you are.
      You will know that I know what you are.
      Do not call for my tolerance. I’ve tolerated all I can.
      Now it’s your turn to tolerate the ridicule.
      Be aware, make no mistake about it, every single thing that goes wrong in our country from this day forward is now Trump’s fault just as much as you thought it was Obama’s.
      I find it unreasonable for you to expect from me, what you were entirely unwilling to give.”
      This is so true. You wouldn’t give President Obama a chance. You made his life miserable for 8 years, but now you expect us Democrats to give Trump a chance. You say “just give the man a chance and see what he can do.”
      Why should we, you didn’t grant Obama that same respect?
      Author unknown.

    225. Thank you!

    226. Will be sharing this!

    227. Whitey Joe Young says:

      Let’s make this VIRAL! Beautifully said. Thank you thank you, so much.

    228. John Best you rock!!

    229. Funny!!when I watched the news it was Ted Cruz that shut the government down ! John Best ,you definitely are the best!fiannly we get to hear the truth from an intelligent American who watched and listened.

    230. The biggest obstructionist’s were the republicans for 8 years!

    231. The democrat party have been obstructionists for months?? What has the republican party done for the LAST EIGHT YEARS?? Pay attention.

    232. Nadine Aydt says:

      Thank you, John Best for determining to call out negatives of the Trump administration. Negatives to Human and Civil Rights guaranteed by our Constitution and Liberal Social Democratic laws.

    233. Leondra Howell says:

      Dumbass it only disappeared AFTER TRUMPS ADMINISTRATION TOOK CONTROL OF THE WEBSITE, I swear the mere stupidity of Trumps followers

    234. Whitey Joe Young says:

      Trumpanzees. Trumpanzees everywhere!

    235. It was done before Thursday. We have a family member that uses it.

    236. Dr. Jerri Curry says:

      Living in denial is harmful to your health and the health of our Country.

    237. I agree with you, Kevin. Mrs. Obama made it so why not mess with it? Divide & conquer. It’s not like it can’t be hacked.

    238. I meant Mrs Obama made it, so I’m saying why not Mrs Obama mess with it. They said they’d be back unless that was fake news lol

    239. cheryl warner says:

      good idea for the new administration to model the behavior you recommend, “Kevin.”

    240. Democrats have been obstructionist? Way to distort and rewrite history. LMAO #WhyIMarched

    241. I just googled “whitehouse.gov/joiningforces and it came right up. Maybe the site was “under construction” in simple terms…

    242. dorinda white says:

      i just googled it as well: on a crappy phone with crappy wifi. it came up with no problem. slow down the crazy train people. none of this is solving anything. it is only creating a greater divide. stop trying to prove who is right and work to make it right. im not a fan hillary or trump. i do pray that he does the right thing for this country. if not, we are all on the same plane… why would you WISH for it to go down?

    243. dorinda white says:

      *fan of hillary or trump

    244. I just googled the same page and was redirected to the archived version. Pay close attention to what you are looking at!

    245. Whitey Joe Young says:

      It comes up on obamawhitehouse.archives.gov
      It is NOT live on the official White House website any longer!
      God you people are thick or something! Get your nose out of Facebook for one minute and learn a little bit of something about the rest of the World Wide Web and how it works.

    246. You do understand what archived means, right? It means they are showing you dead links from what was there before. It’s gone.

      “This is historical material “frozen in time”. The website is no longer updated and links to external websites and some internal pages may not work.”

    247. Christine Dawn says:

      You are obviously going to blame Democrats for everything the Republicans do. Blame Dems for taking down a page the represented a program developed by Democrats to help veterans. Yeah I’m sure it was the Republicans. Especially when you add in the fact that the Civil Rights page, Climate Change page and LGBT page were also taken down in the same day. I’m sure that was the Dems doing that too right? Are you also going to blame the Dems when your Social Security is flushed down the toilet as an unaffordable entitlement and all the money is diverted to building a wall? How bout your parents losing Medicaid because the Trump now says that States can just decide what to do with the money they are given (and it is diverted to other things?) Just put your blinders on and your fingers in your ears.

    248. Whitey Joe Young says:

      And put you head firmly between your legs and kiss you *ss goodbye when Trump’s rhetoric starts the next war.

    249. Kirk Feather says:

      The phrase, Kevin, is “Democratic Party.” You didn’t know that?

    250. Are you serious Kevin? The Dems have been obstructionists for months? You do realize Obama has been president for these past few months and the Republicans have played the obstructionists for the past 8 years.
      The White House page changes right after Trump is inaugurated and you question who is responsible? Wow

    251. Susan Vanhorn says:

      oh please…..it is the GOP that proved to be obstructionists for nearly 8 years….most notable in not filling the supreme court seat.

    252. Whitey Joe Young says:

      Don’t forget pushing the country into sequester, and causing a downgrade on the US Treasury’s credit rating, rather than simply approve the spending limits for stuff they already voted on and had passed into law? Amazing!

    253. What I can’t understand — from either party– is why EVERYTHING the previous administration did has to be dismantled, even something as beneficial as the veterans page. Why can’t you build on what’s already done, rather than waste taxpayer money reinventing the wheel?

    254. Sean Bandru says:

      Democrats being obstructionists the last few months? How about republicans being obstructionists before Obama even took office in his first term?

    255. Kevin…are you serious? Your president has been saying for months and months he was going to get rid of all such programs!!! Grow up and face facts that YOU SCREWED UP and help to elect a MONSTER!!!! NO ONE ELSE IS TO BLAME EXCEPT ALL OF THOSE WHO ELECTED THIS POS!!!!

    256. Obstructionists, Kevin? Where the hell are you getting your info? I recommend thorough research before laying blame!

    257. WOW, on what planet has dems been obstructing?

    258. Are you out of your mind! Republicans have obstructed Obama for 6 years . Get your head examined please

    259. You can’t be serious about valuing Democrats obstructionist! Mitch McConnell And the Republicans dedicated the last 8 years to nothing but. Another disillusioned bubble resident from the sounds of it. In the real world the WhiteHouse.gov is changed as soon as the new President is sworn in which means it has had a couple of months to be designed. Think about that carefully.

    260. I do not believe that. I am very sure that Trump will re instate the site. Everyone is SO anti Trump. Let me see…Only third day in office??? Get real… The site could have been hacked. Lots of mean people out there. Trump did not do this. With all that has been going on he really had time to do this????? He is PRO military. He has ALWAYS talked positive and very highly of the military and their families!!!!! Don’t be so quick to blame!

    261. “The democrat party have been obstructionists for months.”

      I guess we’ll ignore the Supreme Court nominee whose nomination languished for a year. Too many other things to name that have been blocked over eight years.

      Wow, a new alternate fact. Also, congrats on adhering to the party line on the approved wording: “democrat” party.

    262. Get real Kevin the guy you’re supporting is a Divider not a Uniter!

    263. Steven Flynn says:

      ROFLMAO! Eight years of obstruction and questionable behavior, if not treasonous by Republicans and you question this?!!!

    264. I agree that we should not throw blame until we have a reason.

    265. Adelheide Holter says:

      Why would Trump get rid of something First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Biden create? Gee, that’s a tough one. Because he’s a jerk? because he’s jealous of anything someone else did? He’s nuts, that’s why. What a stupid question you posed. Wake up! Have you not been seeing the things he does and the things he says??

    266. republicans have been obstructionists for 8 years. They openly stated they were going to do their best to block anything the Obama administration came up with.

    267. Interesting you chose to refer to Democrats as obstructionists. Pot calling the kettle black, I’d say.

    268. Diana Spatz says:

      The Democrats have been obstructionist for months? The GOP was for eight years, but I’m sure that was ok with you. rump mocked John McCain for getting captured. If you voted for him, you have no right to complain. Welcome to the New World. We tried to warn you.

    269. Crandall Marsh says:

      Confirmed. It was Trump

    270. The Democrats are Obstructionists???? Lmao….holy hell wtf have the Republicans done but obstruct EVERYTHING for the past 8 years including a SCOTUS. You hypocrites crack me up…so pathetic and stupid.

    271. OMG Kevin!! Are you some kind of idiot?!? My god, get your head out of the sand and take your blinders off.

    272. ViciousLiberal says:

      Hey folks,

      Did you hear that? It’s been the Democrats who were the obstructionist this whole time? #AltFacts

    273. Judith Kelly says:

      How dare you accuse the democratic party of being obstructionists when the republicans have been obstructing for 8 long years! You have one hell of a nerve to say that, when you know it was them holding up the works, even shutting down the government. It’s their way or the highway and that’s how they won the election. The wanted everything their way and they maneuvered it and rigged the election, thanks to the Russians, to get their way and elect a complete, corrupt and greedy liar. I dare you to find proof of any kind that the democrats obstructed anything, ever! You are a complete fool and you belong in der fuhrer trump’s group. How dare you!

    274. Democrats obstructionists? Are you daft??

    275. The democrat party have been obstructionists for months.

      You seem to be a little confused.

      In reality land, Republicans have been obstructing for 8 years. Wake up.

    276. I agree with you Kevin. It seems only natural that a new administration would create a new website.
      And the old administration would preserve their rights to the old site and dispose of it when they left. I think people are looking for ways to be upset, inventing things to be upset about.
      There most likely will be a new website, websites are not created over night. And of course it will have a new link because the old one is now shut down
      for whatever reason. Quit blaming and fault finding people and start becoming a positive force instead of belly aching constantly.

    277. Steven Lockhart says:

      The Republican party have been obstructionists for years!!! What a waste of time you are!

    278. The democrats have NOT been totally obstructionistic. They only plan to filibuster on proposals and policies they do not agree with. A far cry from the deliberate stand Mitch McConnell and the GOP led congress, that were 100% obstructionistic towards president Obama his entire tenure, regardless of how smart and agreeable some of his ideas and policies were for America and Americans.

    279. Nicole Moran says:

      Kevin, I think you meant to say is that the GOP has been obstructionists for months, actually YEARS!!..They have obstructed all new legislation. Buckle up, all this totalitarianism will effect you, too, someday very soon, indeed. Wake up and pay attention!

    280. I think President Obama is out of the White House, so now they will put up our new presidents page in place of it. Why don’t people wait before they go into panic mode!

    281. Michael Hill says:

      You just keep believing that, you poor entitled snowflake.

    282. Linda Corbin says:

      Obama wouldn’t do such a low sneaky thing to us…he left it intact, and everything else good for us with hope it would be carried on.

    283. I suggest you take the blinders from off of your face.

    284. Did you seriously just call the Democrats obstructionists????

    285. The Democratic party have been obstructionist’s? Nice of you to ignore the obstruction of President Obama by the Republican’s!

    286. You spelled “Democratic” wrong. It seems to be a weird thing with people on the right that they can’t tell the difference between “democrat,” a noun, and “Democratic” an adjective.

      Given how the Russian government has been interfering with our politics, and given your unfamiliarity with English, I suspect that you might be a Russian troll.

    287. “The democrat party have been obstructionists for months”. LOL
      First of all, there is no such thing as the Democrat Party. It is called the DemocratIC Party. Second, the Dems may have been obstructionists for only a few months, but that pales in comparison to the last 8 years the Republicans were obstructionist under Obama.

    288. Hey Kevin – Thanks for the chuckle. Back in 2008 Mitch McConnell promised the GOP would do everything in their power to make Obama a one term President. While they didn’t accomplish that task, they did make good on their promise to never work with him on anything. They practiced nothing but obstructionism for eight years. But now in your revisionist view of history you want to paint the Democrats as obstructionist? That, my friend is nothing short of hilarious.

    289. BS.
      Republicans have been obstructionists for the last 8 years.

    290. Did you read all the article before OPPENING YOUR BIG MOUTH? Read then comment. OK?

    291. Margie Gaynor says:

      Kevin yes it was Trump administration The democrat were obstructed for years as the both houses where Republican control before Obama took office they made a pack to block everything. I thank God everyday that the Obamacare was approve. I’m a type 1 diabetic and my insurance ran out I could not afford to buy my insulin without insurance it was over $300. dollars a vile

  2. Take a breath
    Give Trump a chance to create his own.
    When I left my job I did not pass on my projects
    Let the new person be themself, have their own projects

    1. Eva Pizzimenti says:

      If it’s not broke, why fix it?

    2. Roland D. Keffer says:

      it is broke and if you don’t think it is then you are broke

    3. It wasn’t broke, but it sure as hell is noe

    4. Anthony Pittore says:

      Then you had a moron’s job and had no projects with keeping

    5. FC3 Michael Letts USN (Honorably Discharged) says:

      These are NOT work projects that can be pushed off the garbage bin. These are WORKING programs that help millions of Americans. They are not and should not be political fodder! These are people’s lives!

    6. Seriously Michael

    7. Brian Coady says:

      Well that is bully for your experience. We should all take some time to discover how you handled these things because I’m not quite sure this kind of thing comes up often. Yeah, right.

      You aim to make a smooth transition with your web presence as well as other things. This means, you don’t kill something if it serves a useful purpose in the interim. Contrary to your esteemed experience, nobody does things that way–except you apparently. I probably have shy of 100 such opportunities. Here is the thing: It turns out you can both keep a legacy web presence up, while at the same time prepare for the successor. Now if there was problematic branding, that could have been handled at the content management level.

  3. GREAT article. Thank you for reporting this and keeping us up-to-date on what the new administration is doing (or more likely not doing) for military families.

  4. Rebecca Herndon says:

    Sandra how would you feel if you’d worked very hard to make thousands of lives easier and i one afternoon someone said ” oh shes gone lets start over”? Seriously stop making excuses for this jerk. He is purposefully undoing everything the Obama administration has worked so hard on.. His motive; he couldn’t stand the thought that Obama was ever president. And u think we aren’t giving him a chance? Pay attention

    1. Like Obama did with Bush’s programs? I worked for NASA and the Obama’s administration cancelled every project that was created during the Bush administration.

    2. Joseph Winterhalter says:

      budget thing wasn’t it? Congress approval to budget this?

    3. Yes, yes it was. Cancelled by the “party of NO”, or poisoned beyond any hope of passing.

    4. Brian Coady says:

      So you are talking about billion dollar programs and compare these against a web presence that provides information (not even an app)

      But hey, the President gets to redirect priorities in recognition of national exigencies and provided he can persuade the real bill payers to provide the bucks.

      Seems to me, when Obama came on board, we were in a mess. Instead of adding jobs, the economy removed about 400, 000 of them. Bush took over an economy with a 4.2% unemployment rate, and left with 7.8%. Both corporate profits and household income took a precipitous decline, major lending institution caused a widespread credit panic, and the domestic auto industry would need to be saved or it would go away.

      And if what you are saying about the NASA projects is correct, well pumpkin I guess your deferrable NASA projects (Saturn isn’t going anywhere) are so much more important than the entire economy on which the funding is, after all , sourced. How dare Obama not just proceed lock step with plans that were made before the recession/almost depression. Because Donna is a Presidents most important concern.

      Get over yourself.

    5. terry peterson says:

      Obama’s agenda did not have american acceptionalism at heart. Only socialist change to america. HEY, Maybe this is “buget” also. Because soooooo much wasted $. Billions of unaccounted for taxpayers dollars missing. Waste, fraud, and abuse of years. Even beyond obama. Drain the damn swamp. I’m sure he’ll reopen the page and I would think that it will be restored if it is properly funded.

    6. WTF is acceptionalism? Are you referring to exceptionalism? Thats the actual term.

      Prime example of where were headed. Let stupidity reign!

    7. It’s American, not american . It’s budget not buget. It’s Obama not obama. It’s exceptionalism not acceptionalism.

    8. Mary Beth Crafts says:

      If you’re going to criticize others, you would be wise to make certain there are no errors in your post. If there are, it detracts from your credibility. The correct phrase is “American exceptionalism” not “American acceptionalism.” In fact the word “acceptionalism” does not exist!

    9. Brian Coady says:

      I don’t know what you were trying to say, but I’m willing to bet this: It is based on no research, it uses otherwise meaningful terms (socialism is about government ownership of the means of production) in a flim flam way. It makes baseless accusations (but when do facts ever concern you folks).

      You say Obama’s agenda did not have american acceptionalism [sic] at heart. I say it did! So please define the term, measure what can be measured, compare and contrast this with other Presidents and provide both qualitative and quantitative ANALYSIS.

      Who the hell cares what you cabbage brain people have to say. It’s as cogent as vomit on the sidewalk. You are exhibit number 1 as to why we need to improve education. You could barely pass fisher price.

    10. That’s a false statement

    11. Now your just stating known falsehoods, Donna.

    12. Budget, that the GOP said no to. Wow…YOU worked for NASA….THAT info is free..smdfh

    13. Wasn’t Obama being fiscally conservative . Private sector was ready to take over with space travel and have accomplished a lot since then .

    14. such as? because the decision to scrap the shuttle program happened under Bush

    15. Vindictive is the word we’re looking for.

    16. Judith Kelly says:

      Excellent answer! All these people should call their representatives and ask them how this could happen. He is truly a psychopath, narcissist and should never have been elected – but thanks to the Russians and the GOP, we’re stuck with him for 4 years. Here’s what I have to say to all the people who say give him a chance: HE HAD HIS CHANCE DURING THE CAMPAIGN, AND HE FAILED MISERABLY!! Now we have to thank only those idiots who believed this fool’s lies. Thanks idiots!

  5. 8 years of work. 8 years, and it was working. WHY would you, Sandra, take apart something that was working and then start something new from scratch? That makes NO sense. This man couldn’t give a damn about us. Get used to it.

    1. Roland D. Keffer says:

      Nothing worked

    2. Rogelio Esparza says:

      Your are an unacceptable substitute for a horse’s rear end.

    3. Judith Kelly says:

      how do you know that? You had nothing to do with it, you idiot. Nobody believes you.

  6. Dena Shanklin says:

    It hasn’t even been twelve hours and he’s ALREADY shitting on the Military! We already KNOW that he doesn’t like the LGBT community OR foreigners so, who’s next: the DISABLED, the DYING, COLLEGE STUDENTS, PEOPLE WITH BROWN HAIR? WHO??!!

    1. Yep, the people with Disabilities page was also removed.

    2. Susan Hansen says:

      these are his issues listed, please read them carefully.
      America First Energy Plan
      America First Foreign Policy
      Bringing Back Jobs And Growth
      Making Our Military Strong Again
      Standing Up For Our Law Enforcement Community
      Trade Deals Working For All Americans

    3. Laurence Hazlewood says:

      Susan Hansen January 20, 2017 at 8:18 PM

      You ARE kidding right? Those are not POLICIES. They are fish-hooks to catch voters with. He cares not one jot or tittle for any one of those HEADLINES, which is ALL they are. Words pulled out of the ether to beglamour the ignorant and self-obsessed. Not a day’s work has gone into developing actual mechanisms, systems, guidelines, protocols or teams established to initiate them.

      I’d bet my last penny not one of those soundbite phrases gets any where near being considered let alone implemented.

      So far all he has done is shut down any and everything that helped to ensure safety, oversight or regulation. Y’know, like CLEAN WATER for kids to drink. Preventing oil from polluting your rivers, stuff that kept you ALIVE.

      You can read them as many times as there are leaves on an oak tree, it won’t make them any more real.

    4. Thank you.

    5. You said tittle

    6. Judith Kelly says:

      Thank you! Donald Trump is Not My President/FB

    7. Brian Coady says:

      Well he is going to make america great. Isn’t that a policy? I like how he has zeroed in a what should be our emphasis, because no president has ever thought about an America first….whatever.

      So let’s say his “Trade Deals Working for All Americans” is pursued by really socking it to China. Put a 14, 30, 45% tariff on their goods, right? That will show them!

      Hmm but don’t we have products and services the Chinese want? I seem to recall that the Smoot Harley act in the twenties burdened trade with these tarrifs and, boda bing, boda bang we got ourselves the great depression with contraction of the economy and 25% unemployment. This is because it’s never unilateral. Other economies will retaliate. Oh, and they have other markets too. Why would they sell products at a loss to the US, when they can just redirect their products to less countries with fewer abject idiots who don’t know a thing about which they talk, but they sure act like the understand an issue with a stupid bullet list.

    8. Where did those come from? I’ve never heard him say those before? Oh!! I know…
      Energy!!! — Bring back the Coal Mines!!
      Foreign Policy!!! — Build the Damn Wall and Make Mexico Pay for it!! (We are actually going to get stuck with the bill).
      Jobs and Growth!! — When he deports all the Mexicans there will be an excess of jobs that no one will want to do!!
      Military Strong!! — First things First!! Kill the family unit of the Military!! They must not have any weakness!!
      Police Rights!! — Enforcing Stop and Frisk in all Black and Minority Neighborhoods for their safety! (I’m black a woman that works in corporate. I’m so excited about this one!)
      Trade Deals For All Americans!! — More Money in Trumps Pocket!!

    9. Beth
      Seriously … I am so scared!! Doesn’t this seem like HItler?? seriously … frightened

    10. Roland D. Keffer says:

      are you gay…..because he is not shitting on the military….I can assure you of that

    11. Roland, can you clarify for me what being gay has to do with anything? Your comment reads as if you’re using it as a slur, but since I’m assuming you’re an evolved individual, I must be misunderstanding.

    12. Roland aka homophbe and hateful person. Just like 67% of Trump supporters you speak as the uneducated that voted for him which again was 67%.

    13. Brian Coady says:

      Well. There you have it. Roland D. Keffer assures us that this psychopath with a history of shitting on everyone else, is not going to do so in this instance. Well I tell you, I can sleep better now that we heard from someone with such special insight.

    14. Mike Browne says:

      Dena: what would you expect from someone who dodged the draft during the Viet Nam war because his family physician diagnosed him with heel spurs, a painful condition, although he said he “can’t remember which heel.” This nominal commander-in-chief is not worthy of shining a buck private’s boots. I have trouble believing that anyone who’s ever worn a United States military uniform could vote for this privileged coward.

  7. If this is your attitude, I, as a military spouse want no part of your organization. Be a positive force; not a victim. I’m with Sandra and Kevin; give the benefit of the doubt for now instead of making negative assumptions.

    1. I am a military wife. I am a military wife whose husband is very ill as a result of Agent Orange exposure. Are my husband and I permitted to ‘whine’ about that, PYB? If your definition of whining includes raising issues to prompt and maintain awareness I have every intention of whining every day for the rest of my life. When is it not whining? When there are so many program cuts that we end up homeless and without any medical services? Benefit of a doubt? Is that the cousin of give him a chance? When someone says he plans to cut off your leg what do you do? Give him a chance until he does it and you cannot run away? Trump ‘proving himself’ could only be disaster. He cares about no one except his billionaire buddies.

    2. I’m so sorry Alice. These pie in the sky nimnuts who voted this egolomaniac into office just cannot see the forest for the trees. All the while we are stripped of health wealth and dignity and told to stop screaming the sky is falling. This vindictive self centered petulant prig is actually holding the code and we are all at his mercy because of a population too foolish to buy his used rhetoric.

    3. Judith Kelly says:


    4. I wish people would learn how these things work the pages always go down to redo them. It’s no longer obamas they have to remove those things and change to trumps likings they aren’t just gone forever. Same thing happened when Obama took office

    5. Brian Coady says:

      You are simply wrong, and I’m speaking as a retired IT Federal Project Manager who has done an absurd number of these transitions (from organization, system, personnel etc) in the Department of Defense, the Army Human Resources Command, The Department of Justice and the Department of Transportation. You reveal you haven’t a clue about these things.

    6. Brian thank you for the insight. Please excuse me while I step away to ball my eyes out.

  8. Maybe it was taken down because he intends on doing something a little different and even better!! Let’s give him a chance. Obviously it’s not that he’s hating on military families, because it isn’t the only page that’s been taken down. It’s time for a revamp of the site as a new administration comes in. Of course, if they don’t offer support for military families I will be upset! But I highly doubt that will happen, given his huge support for the military.

    1. *his huge lip-service to the military, perhaps you meant? First actions seem to be showing different. But he’ll be on vacation for a couple days, so… great start. Change a bunch of website support pages with no comment about it, and take the weekend off. Couldn’t possibly backfire.

    2. Cynthia Lamacchia says:

      He’s working today…not on vacation

  9. The missing sites may have been on private servers LOL and now gone with the old administration…. dont jump to conclussions yet.. give him his 100 days he needs to get real changes going.

    1. Brian Coady says:

      Those servers belong to the Executive Office of the President. They don’t belong to the Obamas. They are managed by OMB. You know would it hurt to just try to understand a little bit about a constitutional system? It’s really not all that scary, and you would avoid sounding daft and uninformed–or and unpatriotic too. Patriots bother to learn about this country and they bother to serve.

    2. Brian Coady…is this the same OMB that was HACKED by the Chinese and MY information (along with that of my Military and Civil Service Family) was compromised…

  10. I’ve been a military wife for over 48 years and I haven’t seen anything in the past 8 years that made military spouses lives any better. I am still very involved in military post functions and I work directly with many military spouses both active and retired. All the imput I get is how tired they are of the current deployments of their spouses which is a direct result of a depleted military force. No soldier should be deployed 6 and 7 times and wouldn’t if the military was properly funded and manned….Our equipment in the military is a bad as our infrastructure in this country and lets not forget that the weapons our military is using is inferior while we arm and financially aid our enemies….Get a grip and know what you are talking about ….If you’re crying about not having a webpage, try being in combat with a weapon without enough ammunition….Then you’d have something to whine about.

    1. How about not being in a war? Gwb

    2. Toni…Trump will be building the military in the next 4 years. Help is on the way. In the mean time, save your money. Either your taxes will go up, cuts on medicare and make adjustments on your social security. He is going to cut the Arts. Cuts on education. This is jus the beginning.

    3. Brian Coady says:

      So I’m sure you know the troop levels and their readiness levels? Or are you just fronting?

      You don’t have a damn clue do you?? Why don’t you restrain your assessment until after you bother to learn about it?

      And Good God!!! As you inadvertently but so clearly point out, we should not be cutting education. Jeeez!

    4. OMG…perhaps Meryl Streep and her ilk can fund the Arts with Charitable Donations…nothing like putting money where your is…

    5. Laurence Hazlewood says:

      It was Repugs who defunded the military. Congress passes budgets not Presidents. You’ve had most of the last 8 years characterised by obstructionism, petty self-interest, and any and all tactics to oppose USA’s first Black President BECAUSE he is Black.

    6. Jacquelyn Weddington says:

      Thank you Laurence for saying what I was trying to say with so much more eloquence.

    7. Judith Kelly says:

      Thank you Laurence. You made complete sense. I couldn’t have said it better. AMEN!

    8. Jacquelyn Weddington says:

      How about the Republicans who cut everything. Including the protection of our overseas ambassadors I agree no soldier should be deployed seven or eight times. Just remember who started doing that mess in the Middle East. It wasn’t President Obama. The young people on the battleground who didn’t have enough ammunition you can blame the Bush vice president. and all the millions he and his cronies made off the wars. And I do believe the President asked for money for infrastructure but as the Mitch McConnell . said the main aim of the Republican Party was to make sure the President never got a bill passed by the congress. So do if you have the time try reading and understanding . .

    9. Oh the military fared great under Obama, rules of engagement put our men in danger, chaplains can’t pray with soldiers, multiple deployments on shoestring operations and oh, yeah, our men abandoned in Benghazi but we traded 5 Taliban terrorists for a worthless deserter. Great supporter of the military Obama. Geez, hope they scrub his name and any trace of his shameful legacy from everything he ever touched!

    10. Jacqueline, it is hilarious how you still blame Bush for the wars that Obama was supposedly going to end when he took office but he kept sending our men and women to Irak and Afghanistan, however with a great difference. Now, he weakened the countries by taking away support prematurely and allowed Isis to move in and take over territories that were won under Bush. Add to that the mess in Syria, our stupid involvement in Libya and giving nukes to our archenemy Iran.
      Really hun, wake up. If Obama was such a great leader, a whole lot of crap has happened on his watch over a span of 8 years. He had 8 years to make things right. How many decades do you give him, really?Geez, the buck never stops with you liberals does it?

    11. Andrea, I fear you are talking to people with eyes that can not see and ears that can not hear. It’s as if they have been blinded to all facts and reason. Just dust off your boots and carry on. You just can’t make some people see….. it sad really.

    12. Judith Kelly says:

      Thank you Jaquelyn! Well said!

    13. Roland D. Keffer says:

      Thank you for your honesty

    14. Toni wtf? my husband was a career soldier and just medically retired…
      you kidding me? Back in 2005, they were sent into the worst of it with no flak jackets… no armored hummers… just the bear minimal and that was the kmart budget of Donald Rumsfeld via republican president George W Bush!! you are the one who should stop your whining!! Parents and families were buying their soldiers flak out of their OWN POCKETS.. before their loved one deployed!! The worst comments you could ever make… is he guard or active..??. b/c if he is going in without full battle rattle … his coc and unit is at fault

  11. Allow me to begin by stating I am not on the Trump train. However, I respect the office of the POTUS.

    Joining Forces? Never heard of it. However, you do know what “archived” means, right? Apparently not. When a new president takes power, all the policies from the outgoing president are put on hold. It happened when Obama took over from Bush; Bush took over from Clinton; Clinton took over from Bush; and so on. Is this seriously news to you? I assumed this site was a non-biased area for military spouses and the military to visit for information. Apparently I was wrong. This a place is appearing no more than propaganda with a liberal agenda. I will not recommend this site to any Soldiers and spouses in the future.

    1. terry peterson says:

      Nice take. Im out of this one. More libtard bullshit.

  12. He was elected president on November 8. He’s had over two months to get his website together to go live after he took the oath of office January 20. When we tried to tell you he had no plans only talk, this is proof ! Now you all are making excuses for him. Remember when healthcare.gov didn’t work and you all pointed fingers at Obama. Now you make excuses for Trump. Give him a chance? Within hours of taking the oath he canceled a program to lower mortgage insurance for millions of homeowners. If you have an FHA mortgage, you were going to get a reduction in your mortgage insurance premiums. That’s gone! That reduction in mortgage insurance wasn’t going to cost taxpayers one penny!! He did it out of spite because he’s a racist who hated Obama! He doesn’t care how many people he has to hurt just to get digs at Obama!

    1. Antonette prince says:

      They will make excuses and follow him even if he shoots someone. And remember, POW’s are not heros because they got caught. Not just John McCain but all POW’s! Nevermind all the other crap he actually said. Those two things right there told everyone who he was.

    2. Roland D. Keffer says:

      you don’t need his website….just go on TWITTER

    3. Roland D. Keffer says:

      His website is TWITTER….get over it

  13. The beliefs held by Trumputin’s faithful are absurd but nothing is going to convince them otherwise. They’ll believe they were conned only when they have nothing left and there’s no one else to blame.

  14. Why all this defense of Trump? It’s not like they didn’t have time to prepare a new website. Obviously they did and anything left out was deliberate. Trump and the republicans seem much more concerned with obliterating any of Obama’s accomplishments rather then making use of what they can. Leaving this particular link on the website certainly would cause no harm regardless of your political view. Attempting to defend it or explain it away only makes you look foolish.

  15. January 20; 2017


    Donald J. “Loudmouth Bully – I have a plan” Trump has been sworn in and has started running the country into the ground.

    Donald J. “Loudmouth Bully – I have a plan” Trump hasn’t pivoted, matured, whatever term you prefer. He’s still the insecure, short-attention-span egomaniac he always was.

    The Trump-Pence administration will be unprecedented in its corruption, but also completely unprepared to govern.

    Donald J. “Loudmouth Bully – I have a plan” Trump is not only corrupt and an idiot, HE IS TOTALLY INCOMPETENT!!

    [All those that say “Let’s see what happens” and/or “Give him a chance”, I wonder if you’d say the same about a kid with a box of matches walking into a fireworks factory.]

    [Donald J. “Loudmouth Bully – I have a plan” Trump is a tax criminal, a sexual predator and a fraudulent entrepreneur]

    1. Roland D. Keffer says:

      he will leave your sorry ass in the welfare line

    2. Rude language.

    3. Tangle Johnson says:

      I’m not on welfare no FS r Medicaid but I am a VET go screwed on my way out saying I didn’t pass d run d track was 2.2 miles n Augusta, GA FT Gordon now my appeal is n danger so I say we’re DOOMED BY DOOMSDAY BOOM

  16. Charles Frank says:

    Michele Obama is on that ss. She is no longer the first lady and this program, was under her signature, yes it would come down. I would suggest you all sit down and let this administration put their signatures on the programs on the website. This is standard operating procedures from one administration change to the other. Nothing new here. Chill out.

    1. This is only the third administration change since the site’s creation. There is no “standard operating procedure”

  17. Roland D. Keffer says:

    If you are an illegal alien you could not vote for TRUMP

    If you are a citizen of the US you had a choice as to who to vote for:

    You voted for Hillary, Trump is still your president

    If you voted for Trump, He is still your president

    So just in case you missed my point………..Donald J. Trump is OUR President

  18. Christine Madeo says:

    BUT because of greed, as demonstrated by not paying taxes and then complaining about veterans’ not being treated right (in first press conference) – uh, because the rich don’t pay for veterans’ benefits -like Trump, maybe? Anyway, because of their greed, Trump and co. will HAVE to have their name on everything – even if they steal it (like speeches). That is an autocrat.

  19. It is archived.

  20. apparently everyone was an “eye witness” to this happening with whom is supposedly responsible for the pages going down, or each of you have the ability to read minds! Bashing each other is NOT going to fix the issues in question, Not a single one (not even myself) saw this with our own eyes so NO ONE knows the truth on who is responsible, you only know what you are told or what you want to believe happened. It is a shame they are not available at this moment, but give it time to see if new ones appear instead of being so cruel towards people. each and every person has a right to their own opinion and you may or may not agree with them as they may not agree with you. OUR FUTURE(kids, grandkids, god kids, ect.) learn from our example and we all should lead them with a good example, not all this hate filled name throwing and hurtful words towards others (that just makes you an over grown bully)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If anyone has a problem with what I have said then go ahead and have a problem with the truth, I am not targeting one side or the other just pointing out the facts NO ONE really truly knows who is responsible since not a single one of us was standing there and yeah the news is real honest when they can’t get the story right on many different things that may or may not even be about this. I have very thick skin, military home, and I do not believe in attacking one for ones opinion. All the pages that have went down affect people I personally know that fall under the pages, you just need to have faith and hope that it will be restored soon!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Amber – much as I find your faith touching – they won’t be back.

      This program is intimately connected with Michele Obama, so it has to go as part of the stated GOP aim to erase the Obama presidency. It’s not as if they’ve kept that secret.

      ” Trump aides are organizing what one Republican close to the campaign calls the First Day Project. “Trump spends several hours signing papers—and erases the Obama Presidency,” he said. ”

      If the program hadn’t been so tightly connected to Michele Obama’s name, it might well have been kept. As it is, it’s gotta go, and immediately. Sorry. Just the way things are. Politics.

  21. Zoe. Is it politics as usual or an entirely new take on maliciousness?

  22. 𝖜𝖆𝖌𝖊𝖓𝖊𝖙10.𝖈𝖔𝖒

  23. 𝖜𝖆𝖌𝖊𝖓𝖊𝖙10.𝖈𝖔𝖒hehe

  24. It doesn’t matter why the Repubs changed whitehouse.gov, deleted Joining Forces which redirects to an archive, non active page & program. It was done, intentionally.
    1. Listen to the words
    2. See the actions
    If they conflict, the man & the party chose
    a path contrary to the words
    3. Follow the money / if you can
    4. Watch the traitor

    Time will tell, and very soon, if you voted against your self interest and chose to be conned.
    My father & husband Navy & Army respectively.
    We moved every two years back & forth across the country. No stability or long term friends, my mom alone with six kids when my dad was deployed.

  25. sure,sure Mr Trump his going to disregard his top military brass who gets paid to take care of family matters and other quaility of life matters, unlike the previous who fired more brass than should have been allowed.talk about impeacable offenses from past one.

  26. Christina Brewster says:

    Reading these comments makes me sad. We are so divided as a country and sad that it has come to this. In my life I has seen such hated in the 80s by the KKK as they protested blacks and white dancing together at a school dance in a small high school I attended in wv. Now I see this same hate again in the year 2016. This guy has knocked us back 150 yrs and opened the for for racist and bigots all over the US. smh A sad day for America.

    1. Uuummmm … It was divided LONG before Trump decided to run …. Get serious!

  27. According to snopes, the White House IT dept is making a digital transfer of the official site from Obama to Trump. If you look at the site, it still has Obama as President. Trump has nothing to do with it.

  28. I sit back, laugh at these comments, and just think …. AND still after all this negativity TRUMP is still President. Oh how some thrive on BS & Negativity !!!!

  29. ALL OF YOU ARE WRONG! All programs that the previous administration was being paid for HAS TO COME DOWN by law! This is SOP for EVERY new administration. Michele Obama and Dr. Biden received stipends to create such programs, nobody in DC does anything for free! It amazes me how little all of you know about our government.
    The site was removed by the previous administration by the instruction of law. Not because the GOP!

    AND WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE THINKING ABOUT? Trump doesn’t have his cabinet in place yet because the Democrats are intentionally blocking everything, bunch of sore loses and a disgrace to our way of government.

    Oh wait I think I remember Trump sneaking out of the inaugural ball just to remove this specific Web page. MORONS

    1. “Trump doesn’t have his cabinet in place yet because the Democrats are intentionally blocking everything,……..” What??? Really??? They are holding hearings for appointees that haven’t filled out the paperwork necessary for them to sit before a hearing. They’ve already confirmed Mattis and Kelley. I don’t mind discourse or discussion but I do hate ignorance or prevarication.

  30. They blamed President Obama for everything, Now it is the man baby’s turn. He thinks he owns this country. well news for him the people that pay taxes do, unlike rich man. Keep laughing Dave, we the people who see through him will have the last laugh.

    1. It was Obama and his administration’s fault. That’s what happens when you sit in the big chair; you become responsible for ANYTHING that happens under your watch.

  31. Such a damaged human just as Lucifer was a fallen angel. I’m sure they know each other well.

  32. We’re dealing with a man who is mentally ill. THAT’S THE TRUTH

  33. The site…whitehouse.gov is scrubbed with each new incoming president. Aal the things from Obama’s tenure can be found at Obamawhitehouse. Gov. And to make a point….OBAMA CLEARED IT HIMSELF. President Trump had nothing to do with it. Research this and find out yourself. I did.

  34. This site was part of the past administration’s Web page. Give the present one time to put up their own page. This happens with every president that comes into office. Give them time, people.

  35. johnqpublius says:

    There were major themes that needed to be set without reserve, and a worthy cause was unfortunately temporarily removed. If it’s as good as presented, I’m sure it will find its way back into the philanthropic panoply.

  36. Peggy Schmidt says:

    Give the administration a break … Can’t blame them for deleting Obama’s web site & all links on it. As a new administration, they need to evaluate what links are needed then add them to the site. We can hope and pray this is the case.

  37. […] from the Obama to the Trump administration, unlike webpages showing presidential support for US military families, the LGBT community and problem solving around climate […]

  38. […] from the Obama to the Trump administration, unlike webpages showing presidential support for US military families, the LGBT community and problem solving around climate […]

  39. […] from the Obama to the Trump administration, unlike webpages showing presidential support for US military families, the LGBT community and problem solving around climate […]

  40. […] from the Obama to the Trump administration, unlike webpages showing presidential support for US military families, the LGBT community and problem solving around climate […]

  41. […] from the Obama to the Trump administration, unlike webpages showing presidential support for US military families, the LGBT community and problem solving around climate […]

  42. G. Gordon Liddy says:

    Why so much preliminary speculation? Give it a little time to see what updates are made. These are working programs. The programs can’t just instantly be deleted. (unlike the rest of obama’s f ups)

  43. […] from the Obama to the Trump administration, unlike webpages showing presidential support for US military families, the LGBT community and problem solving around climate […]

  44. Dwight Hawley says:

    This is up for review – like everything else. And if you don’t think Obama would do something like that, ask the head of the guard responsible for inaugural security who was notified he was fired at 12:01AM on Inauguration Day. There is no other reason for that than spiting the incoming administration.

  45. […] from the Obama to the Trump administration, unlike webpages showing presidential support for US military families, the LGBT community and problem solving around climate […]

  46. OMG people. Calm down. When Obama took over the same thing happened. They redo the website. As of now it says the Obama white house still. Give them a chance to change it before you get all butt hurt and up in arms!!!

  47. So you’re all saying that the website that Obama had filled with his agenda while president is now gone and filled with President trumps agenda? The nerve! How dare he have a different set of ideas for this country? Lol

  48. […] from the Obama to the Trump administration, unlike webpages showing presidential support for US military families, the LGBT community and problem solving around climate […]

  49. […] from the Obama to the Trump administration, unlike webpages showing presidential support for US military families, the LGBT community and problem solving around climate […]

  50. […] from the Obama to the Trump administration, unlike webpages showing presidential support for US military families, the LGBT community and problem solving around climate […]

  51. […] from the Obama to the Trump administration, unlike webpages showing presidential support for US military families, the LGBT community and problem solving around climate […]

  52. […] from the Obama to the Trump administration, unlike webpages showing presidential support for US military families, the LGBT community and problem solving around climate […]

  53. Trying to verify that the ability to view the site in Spanish is also gone.

  54. […] from the Obama to the Trump administration, unlike webpages showing presidential support for US military families, the LGBT community and problem solving around climate […]

  55. […] from the Obama to the Trump administration, unlike webpages showing presidential support for US military families, the LGBT community and problem solving around climate […]

  56. […] the Obama to the Trump administration, in contrast to webpages displaying presidential help for US military families, the LGBT community and drawback fixing round climate […]

  57. c4sysgreybeard says:

    Shame on you!
    Stop posting crap; fake news.
    New President, the site needs to be adjusted; so of course stuff will be taken down. Are you trying to incite troubles?

  58. Joining Forces is a FLOTUS initiative, and according to TIME magazine, not all that great. Every FLOTUS has their Pet Project that they work on to show their humanity. This particular project was curiously timed just before campaign season for President Obama’s second term. Traditionally, each FLOTUS will choose her own project to promote. Just so that all of your are aware, there is no government program or funding or laws establishing Joining Forces.

  59. Grow UP PEOPLE …

    1. I second that.

  60. […] from the Obama to the Trump administration, unlike webpages showing presidential support for US military families, the LGBT community and problem solving around climate […]

  61. Gloria E.Rivera says:

    How sad, pres. for a day and the whole world is being turned upside down. Just remember, do not speak lies. Obama was a great leader. He proved it in more ways then one. He was hated because of the color of his skin. That was by people who claimed to be patriotic. Well now you have a pres. who has no idea about what politics are and I seriously hope he asks for help instead of creating more havock. I honestly hope he takes the oath of office seriously and works to be everyone’s president. Let’s hope these four years make a difference and we can all look for a better future for all. But to be a president means to care and to listen and to learn about other’s. Not to pass the buck to his cronies who possibly will only be yes men. Let’s see what happens in his first 100 days!

  62. […] from the Obama to the Trump administration, unlike webpages showing presidential support for US military families, the LGBT community and problem solving around climate […]

  63. The local garbage collector would have been a better president than Obama! President Trump will prove all of you doubters WRONG!!!

  64. […] from the Obama to the Trump administration, unlike webpages showing presidential support for US military families, the LGBT community and problem solving around climate […]

  65. […] from the Obama to the Trump administration, unlike webpages showing presidential support for US military families, the LGBT community and problem solving around climate […]

  66. As a former website designer when we did a redesign many times we archived current pages/articles to preserve them, and redirected them for the redesign process. Sometimes it took several weeks to complete the redesign. I don’t know what’s happening but give it a little time. Hopefully it will eventually be redirected to another page or website. Thank you.

    1. All of these boneheads bitching about this no nothing about how this works because they never bothered to learn,,when you watch the inauguration it becomes clear how important it is to preserve an historic document for each administration.. Obama shut his down..

  67. […] from the Obama to the Trump administration, unlike webpages showing presidential support for US military families, the LGBT community and problem solving around climate […]

  68. […] from the Obama to the Trump administration, unlike webpages showing presidential support for US military families, the LGBT community and problem solving around climate […]

  69. I was thinking of entering the “discussion” above but after reading the tirades, accusations, rants and raves posted I have to say I am appalled. Is it even possible to have a reasonable conversation in this country anymore? Are we going to have 4 more years (did someone say 8?) of bitching and bellyaching, pissing and moaning and ranting and raving?
    Neither candidate was believable, trustworthy or morally competent.
    People tend to get the government they deserve! What does that say about the state of affairs in the United States today?

  70. […] from the Obama to the Trump administration, unlike webpages showing presidential support for US military families, the LGBT community and problem solving around climate […]

  71. […] from the Obama to the Trump administration, unlike webpages showing presidential support for US military families, the LGBT community and problem solving around climate […]

  72. […] from the Obama to the Trump administration, unlike webpages showing presidential support for US military families, the LGBT community and problem solving around climate […]

  73. […] from the Obama to the Trump administration, unlike webpages showing presidential support for US military families, the LGBT community and problem solving around climate […]

  74. […] from the Obama to the Trump administration, unlike webpages showing presidential support for US military families, the LGBT community and problem solving around climate […]

  75. […] from the Obama to the Trump administration, unlike webpages showing presidential support for US military families, the LGBT community and problem solving around climate […]

  76. […] from the Obama to the Trump administration, unlike webpages showing presidential support for US military families, the LGBT community and problem solving around climate […]

  77. Jason Jehosephat says:

    “While Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton promised to keep the successful initiative ….” Sure. But she wouldn’t keep the previous president’s web page on the subject, continuing to describe him as the President of the United States. When her own would be ready, then that would go up.

    I’m not saying that I expect Trump to post anything admirable on the White House website, but, gee, it’s seems like a no-brainer that once we have a new President, the White House website is no longer communicating the vision of the previous President.

  78. […] Maybe things like this will get the voters attention: White House deletes military family support page. WH has also deleted issues pages on civil rights, LGBT rights, health care, and climate change in the minutes following the official swearing-in ceremony. Maybe Trump and the GOP were just kidding about governing/protecting ALL Americans?? White House deletes military family support page from official site […]

  79. Business as usual …Each new administration creates its own .gov websites and pages, All of this nonsense over this is just more sour grapes by those intent on making it difficult for TRUMP. Lets face it the left wanted obama as the eternal president for this country..

  80. I wasn’t exactly crazy about trump, but what choice did we have,,, killary?!?!? What kills me is nobody the respects the process. Bitch and moan all you want, but if you’re a citizen of the USA ,he’s your president and nothing is gonna change that.

    1. Nona Y Buznezz says:

      That doesn’t mean I have to like it, agree with it, or even support that stupid son of bitch racist, sexist bastard.

  81. Marl Lammers says:

    You do know that every time there is a change in Presidents, the page completely changes. That does not mean that the issues are gone, and will not be dealt with. Everyone needs to take a deep breath, stop calling each others nasty things, turn to God in repentance and forgiveness for our own sins, and then pray like we have never prayed before, for our country. Name calling will not change a thing. In this, the devil wins. and I don’t think that any of us really want that.

  82. You people make me laugh. You never cared or even knew about this website or it’s initiatives and now you see a headline and it’s your deepest passion give me a break

  83. From what I’ve seen every change in administration the webpage is archived and the new page is the blank basic template. Certain initiatives that the First Lady started may be following her and she may still be running them the new Obama organization and non profit. If she chooses to do that then Trump has to come up with a new name and new program from scratch. The last thing he wants to do us put that website and that page back up and then not be able to use it.

    Also, Monday is the first work day where they have access to the website. They did a few things Friday but it was a busy day. Give them 30 days to figure out everything going up on the website.

  84. Wow, so much invective here. I would bet that everyone on this thread cares about America, wants to see their families grow and flourish, wants to keep their children safe, wants to drive on safe roads and bridges. As a moderate Democrat I agree that we have lost touch with our compatriots who do live in rural areas and small towns. I do think we have to address some hard questions about restoring jobs and prosperity to underserved America. As for Trump, the genius of our system is that he will rise or fall based on his successes and failures. In this case there is no opposition in Congress for the next two years, so accountability will be swift – one way or the other. The challenge for us is this – are we willing to think for ourselves, or be spoon fed our beliefs by sophisticated messaging machine on both sides of the aisle? We should all be asking ourselves the ancient question “who benefits”? Who benefits from all the crap we are throwing at one another?

  85. Alan Benoit says:

    The entire Obama administration site was archived on that day. Just like the entire Bush administration site was archived on the same date in 2009. It’s protocol. And both Obama and Bush sites had 8 frigging years to build out and define content. But Trump has one day to do it. Get a Life people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Lmfao all.you liberals and dems just bitch babies grow the fuck up and learn tour history the Democratic party has always been the down fall of this country actually speaking the Democrats wanted to keep slavery not abolish it ! And this country is not a democracy its actually a republic less you all forget that and was founded by the Republican party Washington him self stated not to split in to two or more parties as it would be the down fall of our nation

  87. Chris Gregory says:

    As far as the tech side of things, I thought I would weight. As I am an expert at drupal, the cms that is used to build whitehouse.gov.

    I would assume at the very least, the current administration would have been given a database dump of the current site content or even admin access to the site. In which case, it would be very easy to either use a tool from drupal contrib modules to copy articles (or nodes in drupal lingo) to the new site. This is part of moving any site, and why there are tools to export nodes built for the community. Or if they were given a database dump of the content of the old site, it would be easy to copy pages like this over. I have moved articles from format like wordpress or joomla to drupal, so copying over nodes, even if they upgraded to version 8, would be easy.

    They certainly kept the petition module installed, which was custom built for whitehouse.gov and then publish as a contrib module at drupal.org.

    It was a management decision to remove pages like this, not a tech one. Just saying from the viewpoint of this techie.

  88. This is absolutely sad. Now that page is gone, what’s next? Rumor has it that Trump will allegedly cut welfare for struggling Americans who need it. Now he’s having a stuck on stupid Education secretary installed just because she’s a billionaire. Rich people are not all stupid, but most of them are only dumbfounded on themselves and strengthening their hand financially w/o a care in the world about others

    And to talk about rich folk like Trump doing stuck on stupid stuff…we’ve yet to see how the Donald will “show out” on El Chapo once the man goes on trial possibly in New York City.

  89. Honest to Odin people…I hope to GAWD that there are no other intelligent beings out there monitoring us. Reading through this post alone would show them that humanity is not worth saving. Trump is not perfect, not by a long shot, but christ almighty what president ever is?? Fact is, what other politician ever is?? Does posting shyt like this ever serve a purpose other then littering the site and needing an eye-wash after reading?? P.ffft

  90. […] troops their motivation. He’s taken down the military family page and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. Military One Click wrote about it and their readers are […]

  91. It’s standard practice. When there’s a new administration coming in, the old administration site gets archived leaving a blank site for the new administration to post on. Every new administration did it. You should do some research before you write a blog full of inaccuracies and call it news. All pages are gone. Everyone calm down. Talk about a fake news site.

  92. Over all history, military personnel have taken the lower place on the totem poll. They have done all the work out on the battle field and as far back as the Roman empire, the soldier was deeply respected. During the Roman era, a retired soldier was given a piece of land and the resources to have a home built. From that they had to fend for themselves. But certainly many came back from war with disabilities. These warriors were never left homeless or to just die on the streets of Rome. They were taken care of by their families. To this date, little is known as to what their government did for them, such as a retirement or anything else or anything specific. We can only assume they were left with their breast plates and spears, and medals if they were decorated. So such is the congress a bunch of social gurus, that sit day in and day out and lace things in words and talk. So they get maximum price for the littlest of effort. They have made a science out of the practice and the end result they enrich themselves. Donald Trump is the leader of a movement. Since his campaign he has been decimated for even trying to change and the media have went crazy on him, resulting in electing him due to all their bias. So we have a common ordinary man in practice of dealing in this office. But what is the office of the presidency, has anyone on this site did a personal study of its purpose, or have they snot nosed it, and purpose what it should be? The office of presidency was never meant for anyone divinely educated or some one educated in the sophistry of words. The office is a center piece for communication with the people. To alarm them. To be spokesman for what is wrong. To be a bell ringer so that the people know who in congress to get rid of and who should stay. We are fortunate to have this man as our leader right now, being he is the biggest alarm we could have in this office. Now, just look what he is up against, look at all his people supporting him in this office. Mr. Spitzer spent all day with the press, ask yourselves would you like to have done that? I know I wouldn’t. So have you looked at the likes of Kelly Ann, she looks worn and torn, and yet her thin frame is still in the storm fighting for the common people. Mr. Trump means every bit of what he says. The truth of it is, who could do better? Obama was all about change, but nothing changed did it? Trump has spend a life building buildings and seeing them done and stand and to walk in them and feel the satisfaction of a job well done. His buildings spire all over the world. A lier can not do this kind of work. My fellow Americans have you ever worked for a real lier, he doesn’t last long before he loses all his best people. Truth! Good people won’t stay on and carry the load that is needed. I watched Mr. Spitzer work and he did it gallantly, he made some errors and he apologized but little by little he won them all out. As the days go on please remember all these people are new and dealing with a very powerful man that wants to get things done. Lets let him lead and see. I think its worth the wait, and remember were in a whole new world of politics due to Mr Trump, its all ready to late for the oldies to hang on, and they will be packing their bags, the new leaders will have to show their people something better than grid lock or they will be gone! Fast. Wait to see the State of the Union address as President Trump points out the fool makers and the empty toilers, and ones that are there to just obstruct progress. Thanks for your time and I due wish all of you well and take some time to have toast to yourself, to give Donald a chance to bring on more change. Also if its any consolation, remember God, he puts our leaders in and he can knock them down, and all the work and progress men think they have, at times they forget God invented logic and prominence, and he knows how to work our life at his will and in his time. My fellow Americans and Vets, lets wait and see and give him a chance. He went out and believed he could win and he did! Fair and square, so he deserves our support and patience. Thank you very much. Cameron J. Stewart, Home Spun News.

    1. I didn’t read all of your post because quite frankly it was long winded. But just so you know Cameron, it doesn’t really matter who gets elected. They are all puppets being controlled by the same puppet master. The puppet master likes to give you the illusion of having a choice when in reality you don’t.
      You are at the mercy of what ever the puppet master dictates to the puppet while he is in office.

      I’ll give you 1 guess as to who the puppet master really is……

      And only a real true ruler/leader/warrior who honestly believes in his own cause will lead his subjects into battle. He will not cower away behind the
      security of armed guards while he sends your young men and women off to die for his greedy selfish reasons.

      The real ruler is coming and he rides a white horse……

  93. Why can’t there just be a place where there is factual information without all of the pointless bickering? I’m a 100% disabled combat veteran trying to figure out what is going to happen to me and my family. Trying to work my way through points of view that have no bearing on the outcome is very frustrating. I have very serious brain issues and I NEED to know what is going to happen in the future, not how people feel about our new President.

  94. The bottom line with republicans is if their Wall Street buddies aren’t Getty filthy rich of something, they aren’t doing it. Privatize privatize privatize.

  95. Also the country is use to politicians hand holding the nations population, making sure not offend anyone. Trump, however is not a politician. He is a businessman, and the country is about to be ran like a business. People need to be patient and not jump to conclusions.

  96. […] Although the new president says he loves the troops, he took aim at the military family page. Military One Click reported the news, and the news made its readers […]

  97. Oh for fucks sake……. so sick of the devide. stop bitching and complaining and join together and change what needs changing. Stand together.. apart will only cause more problems…. and by the way. The artical is BS…. OOH-RAH!

    1. Nona Y Buznezz says:

      What is it you think the government wants at this point. The entire purpose of what they re doing is to divide the American people as to distract from all the bullshit they want to push though without us really knowing all of the facts.

  98. […] Trump, a man who has sworn allegiance and devotion to veterans but has never actually shown it, has eliminated the Joining Forces page. Joining Forces was a program developed by Michelle Obama and Jill Biden that sought to help […]

  99. Single payer would take care of everyone, no more VA. Win,win.
    Mom of 2 active duty.

    1. Oh no. That would be too easy. Everything the Government does is inefficient. Policy-makers lack practicality.

  100. One thing about this thread annoys me even more than the partisan sniping and there is something I can do about. So, I am.

    Your is possessive. It is used to show a thing belongs to someone. Example: Your book is on the table.

    You’re is a contraction of the words “you are.” It is used wherever you might correctly say “You are …” An example is “You’re a troll.”

  101. Lariam_Victim says:

    Trump is such a corrupt, lying con man.

  102. When you pick a book to read, do you pick a 3000 page book or something shorter with good details and to the point. They downsized the website for now probably to shut up the people that are nickle and diming EVERY single thing that doesn’t fit their agenda. All of you that are criticizing what the Trump administration is doing during his first week in office does no good in helping the country to be successful. They will update the website as they go as things are worked on or accomplished. It took 7 days for God to create the world, and that was because he didn’t have idiots criticizing everything he did!

  103. Rick Blanchard says:

    Oh grow up people we elect a new president every two or four years. We just didnt ave a real good choice this time but te one we got waste best of the two. We voted Obama in twice and how did tat work out at least Trump couldn’t do any worse. Not been in office a week yet so suck it up and join the ride. Next time VOTE

  104. So Trump orders a website taken down and Democrats are to blame? LOL

  105. You do realize how stupid all these people look, including your article, only 1-3 days after the election?

  106. *correction- his inauguration

  107. Lisa Remmer says:

    Every time we get a new president, the entire website gets revamped. Bush fans were horrified when his White House’s entire website was removed, especially the pages of US government history, and then history was rewritten on the new website.

  108. Are all you dumb fu*cks going to claim the same thing? Quit misleading folks due to your ignorance.. ALL web links come down between administrations. Some go back up, some don’t. YOU aren’t helping the military cause acting like a whine bitch at CNN…

    1. Mydogsarebarkin says:

      The very last comment on this article is the first one to get to the truth?? Yes people, Obama administration did the same thing. If you are going to redesign/add/eliminate policies you have to take the existing link down because changes are going to be made.

      In that note, he was silent in hus campaign on if or how he will support the program. Makes me nervous for vets. Oh, and the program is to support military families in transition into a civilian career, and making it easier on the vet families to move their credentialed skills across states so they have more job location flexibility and opportunities to work where they choose. Not about VA medical care, that’s a whole other can of worms.

  109. […] the White House website also deleted the military family support […]

  110. It is amazing and sad how many of us do not know how our government runs or how many of us have truly never paid attention to what happens in transition when a new administration comes into power. The website change happens with every administration. This is nothing new. The program however is a different matter. The question you must ask, Was this a program that had an actual office? Were there people who worked on this project and received funding to keep the information updated on the website? If this was an established office sanctioned by the DoD and the White House then the office itself should be up and running. The next question is, Does anyone know where it is located?

  111. […] White House deletes military family support page from official site […]

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