Turning Your PCS Into a Vacation

Should You Make Your PCS Road Trip into A Vacation?

PCSing can be an adventure, but it is also quite an undertaking. Last summer my husband and I decided to make our family (2 boys (2 and 5) plus our cat) PCS road trip from California to Virginia more exciting by adding a few extra stops. Making it a vacation to remember.

We stopped at four corners, did the train in Durango, Colorado, visited friends in Colorado Springs, drove to Mount Rushmore, across the top of the country to Chicago, then down to Dayton to see old friends and finally made it to Virginia. It was an adventure. And I don’t regret it, but there were things you need to do to make it successful.

Plan your route

Don’t drive too much each day

Take an extra day to enjoy the destination you arrived at

Book your hotels

Pack multiple suitcases, it ended up that when we stayed with friends, we could do laundry which made it easier to travel so long. But we had a suitcase for every couple of days so we didn’t have to unload as much stuff during each hotel stay.

What advice do you have to make a PCS road trip into a family road trip vacation?

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