USAA offers options if government shutdown disrupts February 15 pay

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USAA has again confirmed its commitment to their members who may be impacted if Congress does not pass a budget or continuing resolution to keep the government open past 11:59 PM on Thursday, February 8.

The organization is again offering a no-interest payroll advance loan to its military members. Those who are eligible will be emailed by USAA; members can sign up for the loan using the provided directions. Should the government shutdown on at midnight on Friday, the military will only see an effect should the government remain closed past their February 15 payday.

USAA has offered help to military members during past shutdowns and scares, including the January 2018 one that lasted just three days. During the 2013 shutdown and the April 2017 scare, the organization offered no-interest payroll advances.

In 2013, Congress passed bills ahead of the impending shutdown to ensure that military members were paid on time. In January 2018, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) brought an unanimous consent request to the Senate floor to protect military pay should the shutdown occur. Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) blocked it, which meant there were no protections for military pay when the government shutdown went into effect. The January shutdown did not last long enough to impact paychecks.

As of publication, there were no such provisions offered for this month’s possible shutdown.

Navy Federal Credit Union and Marine Federal Credit Union have yet to announce their policies and plans for their members in case of a February federal shutdown.

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By J.G. Noll

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  1. […] USAA is also offering help to their members should the shutdown go past the next military payday on February 15. Here’s that information. […]

  2. Gisele Tadlock says:

    My daughtet is in bootcamp in the Navy and my brother and his wife as well. My
    Grandfathervand father served this country as well. My grandfather lost gis life in world war II its horrible how we treat
    Are military men and women. Especially those who are permanently injured having
    To go television asking for donations because this country doesnt care enough
    About them when they are hurt to provide
    For them financially they throw them away
    Like trash with no conscience.
    Thank you military members for serving and protecting our country your sacrifices are not forgotten by us civilians.

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