Veterans Day 2018 nationwide poster contest seeks talented artists

(Photo: Wikipedia)

The Department of Veterans Affairs is looking for the perfect concept and artist to honor the centennial commemoration of the end of World War I. Since 1978, the VA’s Veterans Day National Committee has sponsored a contest to choose and publish a commemorative poster.  The artwork is distributed to military installations and VA facilities and is also used as Arlington National Cemetery’s official program cover for their Veterans Day observance. Artists, regardless of military background, are encouraged to submit their work for consideration.

The origins of Veterans Day stem from Armistice Day, the solemn marking of the close of WWI on November 11, 2018. Worldwide casualties from WWI are estimated between 18 and 20 million, with 21 to 23 million wounded. Of those, more than nine million were military members of all stripes from both sides, including more than 116,000 fallen Americans. This year’s theme is “The War to End All Wars,” the phrase so often used to describe WWI’s carnage and struggle during and after the conflict.

Artwork can be submitted electronically or by mail and will be accepted until April 1, 2018. In May, a panel of judges will convene to choose the winning design.

The VA has published a list of guidelines and rules that can be found here, along with a gallery of past winners.

By J.G. Noll