Want to be an entrepreneur? There’s a scholarship for that

(Photo: Unsplash, Brooke Lark)

Fieldbloom, a company that specializes in online surveys, forms, and quizzes, wants to make starting a small business more accessible for a dedicated college student. Offering a $1,500 one-time grant to a student studying a field related to entrepreneurship, the Fieldbloom Scholarship is open to applicants worldwide until December 31, 2018.

To apply, students will submit one piece of work that demonstrates their abilities and passion for small business and entrepreneurship. Fieldbloom notes that this could look like “a marketing plan, an essay related to business, an overview of an existing industry.” There are no limits to what the project could be.

Any student at any university or community college in the world is eligible to participate so long as their school is a partner in the scholarship program. Visit Fieldbloom’s website for more information on how your school can become a partner.

The winner of the scholarship will be announced February 1, 2019.

By J.G. Noll