What Are You Missing in Car Seat Education?

What Are You Missing in Car Seat Education?

How much do you know about your kids’ car seats? 

Several months ago I joined an online community that educates on different car seat models and their subsequent rules. I am mind blown at how many particularities there are … and how many people do not know about them. Even since, there’s more to my kids’ seats that I’m trying to learn. 

What’s more, is that each country, each state has their own rules. And depending on the size and age of your kid, different laws will (or won’t) apply. There are even entire professionals dedicated to ensuring parents use their seats as safely as possible. Oh and the majority of that stuff you buy to make the seats more comfortable? You technically shouldn’t even be using. What?! 

The trick, of course, is learning each seat by reading its manual. Sure, it’s boring, but it also means keeping your kids as safe as possible! How many of us actually read the manuals to anything we buy?

I’ll admit it took me a LONG time to read ours. I watched a YouTube video to learn how to install it and called it good. Now, I know that I shouldn’t have used the mats under the seats to protect and prevent dents (to hell with the seats, right?!) I know that the headrest can and should be adjusted with each growth spurt. And more. 

But there’s so much I still DON’T know. Honestly, I feel like I know enough to be annoying, but not enough to do much about it. (If I see a picture of your kid in a jacked up looking seat, I will tell you …. but I’ll prob just tell you to Google what to do in your seat!)

Really, even the people who are supposed to know stuff don’t! Unless they are a certified tech, I’d avoid taking advice from others; this is one instance where we have to just read the manual and learn the basics for ourselves. 

Thankfully, a local hospital offers free checks. All I had to do was make an appointment and show up on time (kids in tow) so they could view their fit and adjustment of the seats. 

Have you had an expert look at your kids’ seats? What did you learn?

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