What are You Watching on Disney+?!

What are You Watching on Disney+?!

Adults born in all decades rejoiced with the release of Disney+ and with it, access to hundreds of movies and shows, including those that were kept tightly “in the vault.” But now, thanks to Disney’s new streaming program, users can stream (and download!) some of the best shows from years past.

So what are you watching?! 

I’ve loved introducing my kids to favorite 90s and 00s shows like Lizzie McGuire, Even Stevens, Zenon, Smart House, etc. And because I’m a sucker for a good behind the scenes, I’ve also been basking in stuff like Decorating Disney and the Imagineering Story. 

Meanwhile, they’re loving instant access to Toy Story, Cars, and so many more cartoons. (Hubs isn’t immune to this excitement, either.) We’ve gotten through 101 Dalmatians (live and cartoon versions), Zootopia, Dumbo, Lion King — and that’s just the latest animal kick we’ve been on. 

To make my childhood complete, all we really need is a Nickelodeon streaming service wherein we can power-bomb all of the best shows from the 90s. Who’s up for an All That marathon?! 

One of the best parts of Disney+ is that we can watch so many classics without restriction. We don’t have to purchase the DVD or download code, and unlike Amazon Prime or Netflix, the rights won’t expire. That’s right, just pure, unlimited watching options. To date, we’ve only made a small dent, with more Saturday morning cartoon watching options ahead of us than we can likely ever tackle. 

It’s been wonderful sharing some of my favorites with my kids! 

What are some of your favorite Disney+ faves?