What Does Leftover Night Look Like at Your House?

What Does Leftover Night Look Like at Your House?

Are you a leftover fan? 

There seems to be two real camps of people: those who love leftovers, and those who can do without them. (To this second camp I ask if you just cook more efficiently, and if not, what do you do with all that food??) 

At my house, I have a rule that everything can be eaten twice. After that, I get it, you might be bored and ready to move on. But there’s no such thing as wasting what you don’t want just because you don’t want it!

Usually twice a week (mid-week and Sunday) we have a leftover smorgasbord. This takes place by getting out all of the dishes from the past few days and letting everyone have their pick. I warm up the oven, place everything on a sheet pan, and let it heat. (Trust me, everything tastes better when heated in the oven!) 

Whatever is left is lunch for the dog. (Yes I’m one of those. He runs nonstop, so I don’t feel bad about letting him eat less-than-healthy foods a few times a week.) 

Another tip to getting everyone to eat lefties is allowing them to make their own plate. Dishes can be re-imagined and eaten in a new way that might add curiosity and excitement to an otherwise “Do I have to eat it?” dish. For instance, leftover eggs can be made into a quesadilla. Restaurant burgers or sandwiches can go bread-less to avoid excess sog. Pasta can get some extra sauce or cheese before hitting the oven. (Seriously, everything in the oven!) and so forth. 

Pair with salads or fresh veggies and/or fruit and you’ve got a balanced meal! 

Our neighbors are one of those “no leftover” houses, so I regularly get texts asking if we want pizza, chicken legs, burgers, etc. and I almost always say yes! 1) It means I don’t have to cook that day. And 2) I can add to it so that no one in my house will ever know the difference.

Does your family eat leftovers? How do you make them desirable to anyone who only wants a meal once?