What Subscription Services are Worth it?

Do you subscribe to different subscription services? 

With so many options to choose from these days, it can be easy to get caught up with ordering this and that and having an entire arsenal delivered to your mailbox. But with such great deals, it can be hard to say no! We get that. But which services are actually worth it? And which ones should be passed over for the next option? 

Luckily in the age of the Internet, we have things like reviews and online pics of past boxes. You can research each option and decide if it’s worth a try. You can often get a discount or free box when signing up for a lengthier timeslot, too. 

Be sure to look at actual value. Most boxes will use marketing tactics to boast a large value or free items when they actually offer small options or of little value. Do your research to find actual value before signing up. Reviews will also let you know about customer service and if a brand is worth working with. 

To date, I’ve only signed up for a few boxes: ipsy — loved it, but got overloaded with samples and small-sized makeup bags. (What are you supposed to do with all of those bags?!) I’ve also subscribed to Kiwi Co. for my kids and niece/nephew. Aside from some sketchy logistical errors (kid profiles with different addresses, but everything was still sent to a single address), it’s a cool service. It comes with plenty of activities and supplies and is perfect for rainy days or bad weather. 

And though I’ve yet to actually sign up for any others (I’m a notoriously critical customer), I’ve researched tens more, brands that send razors, beauty boxes, stationery and pens, teas! With so many choices, honestly, it’s hard to settle! 

What subscription boxes have you signed up for? Was it worth the money? Share your recommendations so we can take advantage!