While You Still Need to Practice Self-care During Time at Home

While You Still Need to Practice Self-care During Time at Home

Many of us have been home for a few months now. We’ve been working from home, juggling distance learning with our kids, and being inside practicing social distancing. And now it’s summer! Things are still a little uncertain. So, we’re still in limbo and will likely continue being home more than usual.

You may feel that you’re getting some self-care in because you’re not ripping and running as much. That may be true to an extent. BUT you still need to practice self-care during the time at home to ensure you’re in good health. Physical health and mental health.

Without being able to socialize and enjoy regular activities and friends, a different form of stress can creep into your life. So, it’s still important to practice self-care during this time at home.

Reschedule that canceled doctor appointment

Yes! Reschedule that appointment that was canceled in March due to COVID—no more putting it off! If you didn’t have an appointment canceled, then book that much needed annual physical, dentist appointment, eye appointment, or any other medical appointment you keep putting off. Visiting the doctor is an essential part of one’s self-care. I think of this part of self-care as preventive maintenance. 

Schedule a little quiet time just for yourself every week

It will help you rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Resetting your energy is great for yourself, your family, friends, and others. Quiet time is a great way to enjoy a bit of nature, enjoy something you love, and reflect on life.

Hey, look! Hubby and I have been working from home for months, and the kids have been home. We’re all inside every single day. All-day long. That quiet time is needed! We need that quiet time to ourselves for our sanity.

Nope! No shame in admitting that over here. When I take my quiet time outside on the patio, do NOT follow me. I don’t even let the dog go out with me during my morning quiet time. 

Get that workout in

Staying on top of your workout and healthy eating is important to keep you healthy. It’s easy to stop doing any exercises when you’re home all the time (slowly lifting my hand. GUILTY!). But staying with your workout routine or starting one (take a walk around the block) is good for your health and a great stress reliever.

Pampering yourself

If you’re used to getting a massage, mani/pedi, or any other form of pampering it’s still important to continue doing so while at home. Hmmmm….yep! Grab yourself that face mask, that nice lotion, body soak, etc. Pampering yourself while at home is great for relaxation after a long day.

When it comes to self-care, don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you have older children in the house, assign chores to help relieve some of the home duties. Plan to do some of the home duties when your spouse is off on the weekend and tackle them together. This is a great opportunity for you to spend a little time relaxing during the week.

Self-care is ensuring YOU are ok. That you’re ok physically and mentally. Practice it even while you’re home during this time. It is NEEDED.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Sybil. Self care while being at home is still important even if our pace is slower. I am taking more time to care for my face with my morning routine and yes to facials!
    I still get my walking done early before it’s hot out and when I want some peaceful time to relax, I don’t let dogs bug me or follow me around. I go in my room and shut the door, ignoring their bugging me to play. I’ve even been waking earlier and enjoying my quiet time to pray and reflect.
    I don’t have little ones here but does get lonely at times with just dogs so taking care of me involves connecting when I can with family and others .

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