Why I Went High End On Car Seats and Will Never Go Back

Why I Went High End On Car Seats and Will Never Go Back

Do you put a budget on your car seat shopping? 

When I learned that all safety standards are the same for car seats, I put it in my mind to spend as little money as possible. Sure, all seats don’t test the same — I know that now (not that we get to see the results) — but so long as a minimum is hit, seats are allowed to be sold. 

That was before I tried a cheap seat — or even a mid-level seat. I’ve wasted hours of my life wrangling those things! Wrestling them into place, trying to get a proper or tight install. No matter how hard I pulled the belt, they never seemed to line up in place. Not to mention my kids just looked uncomfortable.

So I decided to do it. I would spend good money on seats. I reviewed them all and found the one I wanted, and let me tell you, I had NO IDEA what I was missing out on.

My kid’s more expensive seats are more than worth all the extra bells and whistles that come with them. More seat cushion, cozier straps and positional items that keep them sturdily in place. And the install? Those things don’t move a centimeter! All done with speed and ease! 

Yes, they cost more initially, but for my own sanity, not to mention my kids’ comfort, it was more than worth the splurge! Luckily I was able to get two seats at an extreme discount: one for Prime Day via Target and the second during a Black Friday week sale from Amazon. (There really is nothing like having your deals show up at your own porch, where you didn’t even have to leave the house!)

When picking your own seats, I encourage you to try them out! Stores like Buy Buy Baby and some local retailers will let you put the seat in your car (or your kid in the seat) and see how you like it. Trying really is believing. Besides, it’s too big of a purchase to not love your choice! 

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