Working as a Military Spouse

Working as a Military Spouse

Did you keep your job when you got married to a service member? What about after your first PCS? The one after that?

When you frequently relocate it can be hard to transition your career from town to town. Some employers are hesitant to hire milspos since they can’t give long term commitments. (Yes this is illegal, yes businesses still do it.)

But even on a logistical level, it’s hard to get a new job every few years. There’s applying and interviewing (not to mention keeping up with your resume and explaining gaps, even when they’re PCS-based). Then there are downsides like having a hard time being promoted because you’re always “the new guy.” How can you succeed when you’re constantly learning new systems?

Of milspos who want to work, each of these is a constant reality. It’s also why so many wives (and husbands) choose to stay at home, work part-time jobs, or work in a virtual positions. The latter has come out of necessity from a growing number of milspos who want careers and have created a way around that roadblock.

Thankfully that means more companies are adapting, too, allowing their trusted workers to clock in remotely and still offer top-notch work, even if it’s not in-person.

So, should you keep your career?

Luckily enough, I was already a 1099 employee when I met my husband. I’ve been able to work in my same field in our (almost) five years of marriage. I am thankful of this every day!

How have you dealt with PCSs and your career?

Have you considered remote work or taken some time off?