These 5 Moana Quotes Are Perfect for Discouraged Military Spouses

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Need a pick-me-up? Maybe. Need a pick-me-up in the form of a Disney movie? Absolutely. Moana’s the story of an adventurous, strong girl learning to follow her dreams despite steep obstacles. While Moana encounters supernatural and superhuman roadblocks in her quest that military spouses won’t ever deal with, there are parts of the story that resonate with those going through some rough times. Here are a few quotes from the beloved movie that are sure to make your day a bit brighter:

1. “There’s just no telling how far I’ll go.” -Moana


One of the truly unique aspects of military life is the excitement of change and adventure. While it can make life difficult (hello, keeping a resume hole-less!), it can also help you change things that are frustrating or are just not a great fit for you. Hate your current job? You’re in luck: A PCS is just around the corner! Want to start your own business? The health care and paycheck of your spouse reduces one of the huge risks of going into business for yourself.  Maybe you’ve always wanted to write a novel and have the time for it, now that the kids are in school. Or maybe you’re using the GI Bill or MyCAA to pursue the career and education you’ve always wanted. You can do this!

2.  “You know who you are… who you truly are.” -Moana


Military life can create a lot of noise and stressful life events that sometimes make it really hard to feel like you have a sense of self.  Even when you feel like you don’t know which way is up or down, left or right, PCSing or staying still, remember that military life doesn’t change who you are. Your worth is not defined by your career (or lack of one), your kids (or lack of them), your spouse’s rank (whether it’s low or high), or how many volunteer hours you put in (or don’t). Those things are part of your story, but they aren’t part of you. And deep down, you know exactly who you are, even when military life is hectic.

3. “Muscle up, buttercup!” -Maui


Few military spouses I’ve met like the “suck-it-up-buttercup” and “put-on-your-big-girl-panties” mantras that everyone keeps repeating (for some reason that no one really understands). There’s something really pejorative, uncomfortable, and unkind about those phrases. But this statement, uttered by Maui? It feels right for military spouses because it’s such a strong statement–we know we can get whatever needs to be done because we’ve done it before. And we’ll do it again.

4. “There comes a day when you’re gonna look around and realize happiness is where you are.”- Moana’s parents


Some military spouses get into the habit of always looking ahead for the next best thing. (And who can blame them when moves, promotions, and deployments always are right on the horizon?) It’s easy to look forward to the PCS to Europe when you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, but trying to find the best in every season of life–no matter how short–makes the whole journey enjoyable.

5.  “You may hear a voice inside/ And if the voice starts to whisper/ To follow the farthest star/ Moana, that voice inside is/ Who you are.” -Moana’s grandmother


Sometimes everyone needs an inspirational grandma to pick them up when life gets hard. For military spouses far from home, that’s not always a possibility. So here’s Moana’s grandmother giving you a little reminder of who you are.

By J.G. Noll

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