ICYMI: MilSpouseFest goes to Washington, D.C.

MilSpouseFest, the modern network for military spouses, presented by USAA, was thrilled to have our first in-person events for 2022 in the National Capital Region, which included our first ever hybrid event, connecting spouses from around the globe! MilSpouseFest events are for military spouses from all branches of service including national guard and reserves. This was the first visit to the region since 2017.

MilSpouseFest announces 2022 Events Season

While military spouses span six different service branches, there are few opportunities for all spouses to come together in one place. Enter MilSpouseFest. MilSpouseFest’s new event season emphasizes on uniting together to create change and ignite passions– hence the theme Unite and Ignite. Presented by USAA, MilSpouseFest is hosting a comprehensive, year-long program that combines […]

Where Do You Go for MilSpo Advice?

Where Do You Go for MilSpo Advice?

Whether you’re new to the military life or are a seasoned spouse, you’re bound to need advice during your life as a military spouse. I mean, let’s face it – there’s not exactly clear guidelines when it comes to military living. And even if there WERE, they would change on a dime, reverse, flip, and […]