MilSpouseFest Announces New Partnership with Military Spouse Jobs

By: Mary Lane Montoya

On April 19, 2023, at MilSpouseFest D.C. Area AFTER HOURS while hundreds of military spouses looked on, MilSpouseFest and Military Spouse Jobs (MSJ) announced a new partnership to bring valuable resources and employment opportunities to military spouses across the globe. Together, the two brands will work together to provide free and valuable resources to military spouse career seekers.

“We are so proud to partner with Military Spouse Jobs who is committed to serving our military spouses with meaningful employment and career readiness tools” said Jen Pilcher, Client Partner, Recurrent and Founder of MilSpouseFest. “Every spouse and employer should connect with Military Spouse Jobs to join us in the mission of military spouse employment.” 

Since 2010, Military Spouse Jobs and their sister site, VetJobs, have helped over 90,000+  military-connected individuals find new and meaningful careers. With 3.5 million jobs available on their job board, there is a career opportunity for everyone. MSJ’s Recruiter Connect (RC) Specialists have streamlined the process of assessing and validating qualified veterans and military spouses for open positions. MSJ does not send hundreds of candidates to an employer; they send the right candidate, making MSJ valuable to career-seekers.

MSJ takes pride in being the only job placement site that has its target audience on staff. The staff working diligently to provide white glove service are military spouses and military-affiliated service members. One hundred percent of their services are free to the military-affiliated job seeker. MSJ also offers training courses and career development opportunities to make candidates stand out to potential employers.

“Military Spouse Jobs is honored to be a partner with MilSpouseFest,” says Denise Lewis, Director of DEI Initiatives at Military Spouse Jobs and VetJobs. “MilSpouseFest has a unique ability to bring military-affiliated spouses together with premier venues, entertainment, activities, prizes and resources.  We are honored to be the premier career and employment resource at MilSpouseFest events and we look forward to empowering military-affiliated spouses through our partnership.”

In July 2023, VetJobs & Military Spouse Jobs signed a significant memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Hiring Our Heroes, U.S. Chamber of Commerce. This MOU aligns both organizations to provide resume & job placement services, peer support and custom career assistance. These services are provided at no-cost to all military-affiliated candidates to last their career lifetime.

“Our nonprofits exist to make the employment journey, job placement, retention, and career progression of military-connected candidates easier and less expensive, while connecting them directly to the jobs held by corporate recruiters and hiring managers; all at zero cost to the military candidate and corporate recruiters,” said Deb Kloeppel, Navy Spouse (ret.), Founder and President of Military Spouse Jobs and VetJobs.

To learn more about Military Spouse Jobs, visit their website here.

Want to learn about MSJ in person? Register for free for our upcoming MilSpouseFest events in Texas!

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